Thursday, December 17, 2009

U-tube - 1976 cross

Taken of Stevil - This is one cool race, look at the way the Junior Champ was launching the log and trench,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gone Phish'n

Club Box thanks to Mr. Denight. Should be good. In high school, I got to see Phish and Suny Stony Brook campus for 10 bucks, Sat front row in folding chairs with Bleachers pack. Pretty cool! Watch the band take the role as leading the traveling Magic circus around the country. Sometimes the flow is hard to follow, and lyrics hard to understand but the sounds is amazing, I am sure not much has changed.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wish I was riding

When I first started to get into cycling it was a gradual progression of an act of doing something. This led me to many facets of the what riding is. It meant picking new styles and learning each. It seems I came full circle, from full suspension to road, to single, to anyone for any day. Always a part was building fitness and strength and endurance. The more I rode the more I wanted to ride. Look for weaknesses and build on strength. Time is sometimes lost. Indifference is needed. Riding to get somewhere, cured inner stores, left money in the barrel and felt good. When beat and battered and cold, there is all the appreciation of warmth, home, and sweet dreams. There is always time for something if you make it. I have lost the inner stores, to go get it, but often think of a time when there is time. Lost will be the days of singing blues clues and dancing.

going into rant must cool off english will be broken
I vocalize my angst at slow pokes causing traffic jam. I can't stand how things all clog up because of a driver refusing to pass the truck of bus and get over into the non-passing right lane, why is that concept so hard to understand, it is a law, I would like to see people be made more aware. If you are doing 60 mph find a spot and get over, that is just call driving couteousy, which is something most people have lost, a little like a paceline, but I don' t think they would get that either. note to self just go the other way.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Costa Rico

Here is some great coverage of a truly unique event. Besides the racing it looks like fun.


Monday, November 9, 2009

New Business opened in D-town.

Just what I needed in the home town. Stop in and check it out.

Friday, October 30, 2009


"This I did, tellng Natanis and Hobomok they were safe in hunting for a matter of three hours, though it was a move that did me no good. Yet I cannot rightly say I regretted it; for it has always seemed to me that if we regretted and sought to avoid all the small movements that lie behind our misfortunes and disappointments, we'd spend our lives in regrets and our days in immovability."

the exert from the book tells you nothing of the story, but may depict something about the author.

Back logged

I have a back log of post, but little time to get them up.

1) bike blog - including pictorials of removing a cotter pinned crank from a '69 raliegh record.

2) 50 mile ride round trip in the rain to spectate, but the beer was gone and a fire would have made lots of people warmer. Luckily I brought my own supplies. Double up with a stop at Ludwigs and sucked down Hop devil watching, racers pick up UCI illegal dollar bill hand downs. Chase by sheppards on commute home, I think the alcohol on my breathe scared them away.

3) The most important, or at least fun event to put on. My sleep is lacking due to late night antics and mission critical shuttles.

4) If I have any interest in doing anything but touring, I better get to a better health and wellness program, but curretn program is great for heavy weight wrestling matches and touring.

5) 3 hours out of work. fuel for night and new trail (is a one way ride) need to video the drop in.

6) Phils better beat some Yanker arse.

7) My girl is not a tom boy. and my boy likes sliding on his knees in grass.

8) almost forgot a major part of last weekend was home improvement, as time consuming and tedious as it may be, it feels good when the job is done. problem is the job is never completely done.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beer Blog

So beer is a pretty integral part of life, A substance that is as historical as history, these little bugs invaded our drink to help preserve and protect us. Bla bla. So Of course our number one brewery is Victory because well, of course the great product they make is local, and delicious. They are purist to the art of brewing and every style they make rivals any in its class. Anyways I drink it all from 4'0 to champagne . So while at wegman's the other day I saw these for well, 7.50 a 12 oz bottle. But if you ever had it, and I only had it once, it is quite the different experience than most beers. To be honest there are very few people that would even want to try something like this. And even fewer brewers that try to make anything close, but being it Phillies playoff I figured I would enjoy one if after the phillies won. After watching a good game, while drinking, I opened this...

I am really not that into describing beer poetically, If it is a traditional German, Brit, Czech, or American, it is either good, really good or not that good. And to me it is relative to price ("the best beer is a free beer", unknown).When judging beer, it has to be categorized because it is the regional differences that are atempted to be replicated to taste authentic, but yet unique. So back to 120 min, only beers in it's category are from dfg, Sam Adam's, and possibly Belgians because they are so diverse(I have not had one close in taste or strength ). No words to really describe the taste. Let me put it this way I didn't finish the hole thing, it wasn't bad, but with work the next day I couldn't take it. So capped it half way down and put it in the fridge. Happily drank it for the start of game 2. Hop syrup ! with a sherry like in strength, but very unique taste.

with out futher adieu, true to the title here are some shots of my, well beer.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Rak'n Leaves
Cold nights
Brisk rides
short days
Harvest Ale

Saturday, September 12, 2009

ACS 20 tooth

Clunk, clunk, clunk. Complete rebuild. loose ball bearings, lots of them, hope the thing doesn't fall apart tommorrow at the Bear Creek finals. At one point I almost gave up. Then lost a pawl somewhere never to be found, figure I was missing a bearing or two anyways, so took another old one apart, got a pawl and loaded it in. packed all 40 something bearings and sealed er up with some phil wood grease. Let's hope she still doesn't clunk. Or worse. I could probably use a 21, darn gut like it where it is. Hope for some good z's(makes me thing of time trial trio) . Then off to ride some rock, my cumulative downhill times will rival the best.

Friday, September 11, 2009

interest, skills, learning

Learning to learn is hard to teach. Doors left closed and perspectives on different planes. Where do you turn? Push or spin wheels? Change plane, drift to dreamland, interest are temporary, hobbies change, love is forever. Sucess achieved thru desire, or other way around?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One - two

Between the vuelta and the Tour of missouri, there is a lot of cycling to watch. Thanks to the Universal Sports Channel for the live broadcast. Tyler Farrar gets a win in spain and Highroad train is working the ToM. I like watching the last 20 km plus ToM has Paul Sherwin doing the commentation. In other sports Phils Squeaked out a much needed win. Madson closed it out with bases loaded and one out. Grupo Compacto time for some action!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Man, did anyone see that crash, about 5:30 hours into the race, within 3 km left a rider slid out on the wet roads and took out 70-100 riders, It was a massive pile up. I was catching the finish on I turned on about 5 minutes before the crash. Ouch.

cycling tip #13

Dress right, I think I already hit this subject, but proper dress can save you a lot of trouble. Too much and you will be overheating, too little(far worse of a situation) and you will be struggling for warmth. Every ride has a different suitable atire. from the cold brisk road ride that you know the first hill will warm you, to the epic adventure when weather is unpredictable. Know the weather and know where you are going.

I had a chill this morning on the half commute. A wind vest would have been useful. Pro cyclist were known to stuff a piece of newspaper down their shirts when summiting a mountain top. Wind cuts and can be welcomed, but often wished away. So be smart and I guess for point of this post is to be overprepared rather than under.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seven and a halh(hours)

Started 7:00 am shart from the trail marker on rt 23. climb mt misery to the top where most don't go.. Blast some sweetsingle. Seeing doubel at the end. Plenty of water but should hav packed more foood. Thanks to the ickes for the best recovery party in a while. Blue birds day with plenty of sweet grin'n mtb trails, I am lovin it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


With a national historic trail nearly running thru our back yard's we have been exploring pieces of the Horseshoe Trail. We have done the section from Warrick thru St. Petes, to French Creek St park, and all the way to route 222 in Berks county. With a plan to ride from vf to mile 50 something, we thought we better explore some parts we have yet to travel.

This trails throws everything at you. Big hills, rocks, mud, gravel, road, technical Single track, it has has it all. Needless to say the traveling is slow at time. My phone was all wet from the humidity and sweat. Usual Suspects enjoying our sunday Eucharist.

This past Sunday we sarted at 8:15 at warrick and road as far east as we could get by 10am. Then we double back. We have yet to explore this piece and it was par for the course. After a short easy spin thru warrick we hit the first obstacle. This is called a "ford" on the map. It was the south branch of French Creek. About 3 feet deep in the middle filled with river stone. While Ben and Chris walked thru the river, I went across the rocks, After this crossing the trail got steep. We were either bombing down or climbing by pushing the bikes, with screaming calf.

Finally with a couple questionable trail marking we hit some farm roads around Birchrunville. So the plan will be to complete the 50 mile section on Sunday 8/30. will let you know how it goes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Buy me some time

Often times I wish I could pause all the external things that go on in life an just enjoy the day. Go for a ride, take a trip. The weekly group ride, is fun, but it is hardly refreshing. My soul likes changing tides and the regularity in life makes me feel like a drone in the society we call normal. I hardly have a desire to fit in with the norm. Don't really care too much about material things. As long as I have freedom and a roof over my head and loving people to share time, I am satisfied. I don't fit in with the dog eat dog clawing to get ahead type. Where does all that take you in the long run. Maybe a nice bit of wealth to share with future generation, if you are lucky. Not to say that I don't like to work. I actually love working. I think working towards putting on an event was more rewarding than any work I have done lately. But work can easily become mundane and the routine of raising children tiring.

With the up and coming school year for my kids, I find myself scrambling for some time. I need to fix our exterior of the house and shed and lots of house hold details, but I want to go climb a mountain or explore some new trails. What is exciting in life is was make a person happy. But also ahcievements thru hard work. I guess keep keeping the head up and looking for new oppurtunity to grow, thru work or play each and every day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

cycling tip #12

Bring a light. The above photo mistakenly taken as I was fingering for buttons to turn my phone off and on to see where the solid ground was. If you plan to ride in the woods near dusk, it never hurts to have a light. You never know what may happen to slow you down, but having a lite will make getting back much easier. Like all the cycling tips, this comes at my expense. Met Matt B up at french to check out the trail conditions for the race last night. We were talking and realized that niether of us had a gps or a odometer, or a watch . "Oh well we can get a good estimate" . I was talking discussing the all the organizing and stuff that has been tying my up, literally, when a fellow rider Tom Burrows came over. I was trying to outline the course explaining that the location was changed due to the other area being reserved. We mentioned we were without gps. He let us know that He publicizes M.A.S.S. race courses online, so after a breif encouraging to map the new course we were off. To get to the Group Camp #2 you have to follow along Hopewell lake. I choose a trail that was swamped, my bad. So we got to the camp and started the loop. I think both Matt and Tom were suprized by the start of the new course. It is an area very rarely frequented by mtb riders', never the less it is rock'n. So up the first big climb and down the shaker, we bumped into, Mark from Path. I was happy to see these guys doing work, which they do often and always, so although they may not be race fanatics they do help greatly with local state parks. More riding and rocks we realize that the woods are getting dark quickly. At the 8-9 mile mark all light was gone. I was hoping that no one tripped and even more likely complain about the bad situation. We were near the end and I suggested that we might as well tough it out and walk the course , so that Tom could make the map public. needless to say, it was slow going. I was leading taking a step off trails only to have to back up and try again, still not one complaint, some good humor, but no bitching about what was a very hard going. We finally made our way back to the cars past 9:30pm. 2.5 hours, Tom reported it was about 11 miles.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


it is like having to plan two races in one year. Man, I had completely took that off my mind, time to re-focus. Working through some details with the park, since our previously planned group area is reserved by another party. If we can use area #2 I am pretty excited because, we will have some better oppurtunity to use more trails. Either way the taks are strating to circulate in my mind. This is defineatly not a one man show.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

cycling tip #12

Butter your butt. Use Chamois Cream. I never thought I would be so into cycling, that I would use such an annoitment, but later, between the sweat, and constant in and out of the saddle, my butt has be getting chafed. I lack the proper 20 dollar high end cream, so I think a little bady diaper rash creme might work, I will let you know, but it is hard to be comfortable on a bike, or improve the situation on a bike, so like many things in health, prevention is the best prescription.

How to ride?

To ride for health or to ride for fun or to ride with purpose.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Work Blogger

I guess that is what I am. Most the post come during a few minutes of downtime. When I ride to work ideas flow like a mtn. stream. When I drive, not so much, more discontent than philosophy. So I am back on the bike, the last month and a half have been overloaded with stuff outside of riding and now I hope to ride into some sort of shape starting today. Will let you know when I drop below 200lbs. Normally I can get down to 190lbs pretty easily, really have lacked the moto. to even try this year. Pretty much just like being out at a sub-par speed. Enjoy the sights and sounds and smells so to speak. But I love racing and my favorite thing about July is watching guys compete in a world spectacle only truly understood by those that try to imitate. There are plenty of more fireworks to come. Tuesday is a downhill finish that, will cause time gaps. wednesday is a helleious day in the mtn. Thursday is a time trial, which will create time differences and Saturday is mt Ventoux. So lots to come in the final week. I will speak about my thoughts from Saturday. Astana should have let the gap grown to 12 minutes without a worry. Hincapie, as we all know and love for his demmeanor, would never be able to carry himself in the big mtn. Okay, so the slight shift by Cav, well in my book it was a blocking move. The team was obviously mixed between points and overall. But he should maybe have been docked a spot not 20. To take a jersye from a man who is the best sprinter, is not , good sports. Lastly, there one man who could out climb w/ contador as was seen in the 2007 TDF. I am hopful, these guys like normal humans have some faults, because it makes for more drama.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Garden took off the past couple of weeks, with the few showers and great weather we have been having, Tomatoes and Peppa's should be plenty full in a couple of weeks. did not grow the garlic, but the zuc and cumb are in.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Northwest Passage

The First 250 pages of this book, had me glued. There have been many quotes words that I have wanted to copied to this blog. Fiction tend to stretch the truth some, but the truth is never shadowed in this book. Men like Robert Roger's examplify mental and physical strength of characters that the foundation of civilization were based upon. Today there is little need for such endurance, which is maybe what leads us to search out adventure of our own.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Wow, you could see the pain in their eyes as they carryied the group to the line, Popo up there working too. Quite interesting move for astana,especially to share the work. Still I am not sure LA can climb like he needs to to win. reading and tour watching go together pretty good. Wouldn't mind being at a beach on the Med. right now. Had a great time the last week hangin out with in-laws and Bro-law. Did lots and relaxed lots, but back to work is a drag. Happy b-day C-man love you. .

Monday, July 6, 2009


It has been a long time since I enjoyed reading, but recently I have started a classic american fiction titled the "Northwest Passage", by Kenneth Roberts.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Marysville notes

Two - easily correctable technicals, a) broke 2 teeth off an old chainring, solution get a new chainring in April every year. b.) handlebar came loose. solution check headset and handlebar bolts after vigorous time trial.

One uniform failure, don't sit and wait in a wet chamios for 50 minutes, get dry, get grease and get out, I have a uniform imprint scorned onto my cheeks,.

Equipment - when riding ss, bring a change of gears, when I started slowing it would have been nice to have a 20 th. and when I rode Sean's bike the fork really helped the hands and arms. Trainer, I think having a trainer to ease the legs might have helped.

Nutirition - This one is big, I consider the main reason for a failure is the lack of training/healthy living. My body wasn't prepare for the effort at hands. I think a bonk may have been in avoidable. , but I could have tried to eat more substance after lap 1, 2. I should have went out slower and trainer may have help rid some cramps. The beer probably didn't help, a beer on lap three and beeing in the heat for 12 hours played its affect, the storm king after lap five(when I was calling it) not sure this one hurt immediately on lap 6, but paid the price 1.5 hrs later. edits will be made. just getting out the thoughts quickly then back to work.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4 cents

I saw exactly four pennys on the side of the road this morning. I was wondering if they will be there tommorrow. Maybe I will stop and pick one up.

twilight urnal

I relive myself in the night
under the skies with sight
of grass white
from reflections of stars bright
The lightening bugs of might
dashing in erratic flight
meets my mind's delight!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The breeze

Just kinda been drifting along, nothing really special to write or say. Kids caught a fever this weekend one after another. I swung some golf clubs and walked some, nice day. Rode a little of South mt. wet and slick rocks, they will get you if the climbing doesn't first. Stupid avid juicy, won't brake for a damn. Thought it was the pads, but all they want to do is squeak and vibrate. Nothing more annoying than a loud chattery front brake. The mechanicals I have from avid work fine nd have for years, but the 07 juicy never preformed the way I like. No real racing. Plenty of commuting miles, since wife's taking online classes for the summer. Got to find some motivation to get up earlier and thin myself down a little. Typically I drop 10 lbs when the warm weather hits, but I have been lingering this year around 205. Hard to keep up with that weight. Thinking maybe track. You know, what is in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another force. Gravity and sticky trails have been my downfall lately. Wife's family is home. Kids turning 8. having a b-day party on Sunday for him. Maybe I will take some pics.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cycling tip #11

Skill is learned, endurance is earned.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Racing is Hard

Iron hill endurance race. got a breif shower right before the start. Just enough to make it slick. Got off with a decent start sitting 5-10 position. Slipped out on a small dip. Banged the knee. Chasing yoder, pretty good click staying about the same distance apart as the guy behind. Just enough to let him know I am there. Second lap, I lazily slipped out again, this time snapping my handlebar at the grip. Hiked out. Conteplated quitting, looked around for a bar. Found spinner cycles traveling bike shop. Bought a handle bar and went back out for lap 2. I was now a lap down, but at least I was riding again. Brakes were off slighly. Hands got tired by the end did 6 laps, got a good abusive workout and watched the elite race. Now I feel beat to sheet. patched up the cuts, but the muscle ache and knee slighlty banged. I guess that is mtb racing, tough sport I tell you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

MT. of destruction

last chance

Climbing along the almafi coast absolutely stunning views today. One last mtn top finish for the "killer" to make a move. with only a flatish stage and a 12 mile TT left, this one is almost in the books. Looks like a nice day to be on the coast. Wow. A place I will plan to travel someday.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Perfect Paceline

Harmonious train of pain, a cycle of cycles. I wish people in cars new how to do this on the highways. a thing of beauty to see 10 riders work and recover and work again, mind focused on keeping the pace and working together that is until the shoot out.

cycling tip #10

Save the race for race day. One way of judging your speed is by the comparing your ability, but first off, nobody likes the yo-yo sting affect. If you are on the dirt and the trail is thin what is the point of ramming into each other? If you are on the road and want to go off alone, what's the point of the group. I like pushing the pace, especially by gravity and gyroscopic assisted power, but the real judge of the ability is race day. There is no hiding, no stopping and regrouping and no one to beat but yourself. So save your power for when it counts. That is why a ride is a ride and a race is a race.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phone pics

Memorable Memorial day. Nice weather. Skin tone has changed. Summer is nearing, My road bike saddle is a rock. Definitely not in shape. Back at work. Need some rest.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Defies the standards of the tour, and for that reason it is unexpectedly more intriguing. I don't want to imagine doing a TT for 1:40 and know for a fact that course would take me well over 2 hours. Let just say a suffer fest. I must say that watching a full peloton is more appealling to watch on the tv set, but in personl that constant queue of riders keep the entertainment cycling thru. I would much rather be a tifosi drinking a lemoncello than putting the hurt on like only a race of truth can.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bad ride

Well, I guess I am due. I am riding on a set of hayes that are 7 years old. At granogue I had very little front brake. Didn't matter because there was mud to slow ya down. Anyway. So the pads were shot. I had the entire bike cleaned and apart since the race. Threw it all back together for the Wednesday Victory ride. Even with new pads the brake was not there, so I quickly bled the system. Felt the brake. it has some bite, but then went soft. oh well ride anyways. down the first hill and the brake was gone, but luckily the rear had bite and new pads, so only the real steep downs were going to be trouble. I also noticed a wheel wobble. I actually had noticed it at granogue, but thought it was just the mass of mud. At a re-group stop I found a loose spoke. I was going to tighten it when I noticed that the flange of the hub had broken. wobbly wheel, no front brake and a broken hub. Oh well wen to the back and kept riding. next thing on a very steep up, my wheel came loose in the drops, it slid forward in the horz drop and the tire rub on the frame. Stop told other just to move along and I will catch up. Straighten the wheel, tighten the bolts and back under way. Survied the rest of the highly accelerating ride with little other adversity. But upon wearing my sun glasses this morning I also noticed that the rubber piece on the arm had been lost. Should have stayed home and went to the boys baseball game. now I have to find out what is wrong with the brake, try and get a replacement front hub which entails taking the wheel apart and putting it back together, and look for some lost legs(honey don't worry that is a cycling term for lost power).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jonny law

pulled me over on my bike tonight around 9:30pm. Said I made an illegal right on red. Forced me to go home because I had no rear blinker. Went home came back out with a blinker and was night riding a county park that closes at night, a state trooper slows and spots me. I turn out to the road to talk, and he slowly kept going. Went to Marsh and did a nice loop. legs felt fresh until the road ride home. Man, can't a guy just get out for a peaceful spin. First guy told me I had to follow all the traffic laws as a motorist. I said well they sure don't treat you like another motorist out there. Not like I am going to stop at lights from now on, look both ways double check and go! No sure how a ticket can be enfororced when there is no way to identify a person. I wish I recorded the stop.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

Yes, today is the day, that Americans celebrate Mexico's whatever. Why, not so sure. When it started, also lost along the way. I must admit any reason to drink tequila and eat burritos is a good reason to me.

So, too much of this Rain in putting a damper on this "On the Rocks" . I might as well just call it because I don't think people are recovered yet from this Granogue. So the call must be made. Alternate date is August 16, and actually the course may be better because we will be starting from a different spot.

I will leave you with this from my morning commute. Cycling tip # 9 don't be late. The quickest route is most surely not the best route.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Messed and Mudded

Granogue turned into the sloppiest, messiest mud I have seen. As written before on this blog, when the mud turns to recycled peanut butter, and I have to walk my ride turns south. not sure I could have power for 4 hours regardless, but that workout was hardly cycling. Pictures to come when ever they pop up on the web. Still cleanning the mud out of the eyes. Place is like a moment frozen in time, when the Dupont came out in aristocratic pre-industrial attire, 20 coaches with horses, wagon, trumpet and marksmen.
Took apart the entire bike to clean and get the water out of the steel frame. Two shot bb bearings, and disc pads. Everything is sitting on top of news paper with a spray of lube. frames hanging on the stand. 32 20 was fine, course had some hills, but the walking in mud with the mud clinging to the bike is what halted me. dam bike must had been fifty pounds. When a saw a junior hoisting his bike, I thought that thing must way twice his weight. Congrats to all that indured that slog.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How I ride.

but preferably like this,

Friday, April 24, 2009

PSA - Trail Work

These guys help maintain and improve our local trails. They have done a great job adding a nice system at Marsh Creek. This Sunday@9 @the lake they will be at French Creek. Sorry for the lack of content just too much to do.

Monday, April 20, 2009


had a very unexpected and quite unusual injury while watching tv. I was watching hockey playoff. I had been practcing my golf swing at the same time. Okay so you see where this is going. I was sitting in my chair holding the 9 iron. The Flyers just went up 3-2 in the second, lot of players fom both teams were coming in hard with their sticks high. Anyway, the call against the flyers, was bad. So bad I swung the club into a plastic laundry basket, it bounced off the basket and deflected into my shin. Having shins of a well, mtb biker, I didn't take much too it, until my son said dad your bleeding. A little surprised I looked down saying ah that is nothing, to the sight of blood gushing down my leg. I quickly when to the kitchen and put a clean dish towel on it, mean while I had left puddles of blood from each step. After cleaning up the blood in the kitchen we guazed and taped the wound. The flat edge of the club must have punctured right in, because when I cleaned it out and moved my foot you could see straight to the bone, my son nearly puked. I went on to help the wife with the carpet, then resumed watching the game. Not sure how I am going to handle riding, I guess gauze, tape and maybe some saran wrap.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Review

Good weekend! Headed to Bethany beach in lower DE, just above Ocean City, MD. Left the bikes at home in an effort to recover some before racing goes full speed (although full speed will be half speed this year). Anyways, beautiful weather on Friday. In past years we have met in Milton for the Dog Fish Head brewery tour. Man if you never have been, I would say go. Follow the tour from Milton and head the the pub at Rehoboth. The year I was there, the secret tour beer was Raison D'Xtra 16 % monster. Even if it was only 3 oz after a few, i had a buzz. So back to this year. Nice weather, so we went to the beach. I decided it was nice enough to hop in even though it was 60 degrees out and 50 degree water, but the sun was shining.

After the beach a couple for the guys went into town to play some Hoops. I wrestled in high school, but I am a good height and can jump. Our game of 21 turn into an all out 5 on 5 with the delawarian locals. My one cousin nearly brawling, had me being a peace maker. My legs still hurt from running and jumping on hard top.

Onto Friday Happy hour, hor dors, beer, cosmos, what ever you like. Saturday was wind blown and rain all day. didn't stop the kids from wanting to be out, from a morning bike ride on rt 1 with 3 kids and my dads 10 speed, to building sand castle in the heavy wind and rain. All went down well, I won a game of poker that night, drank a few choice brew, some of which, home brews, big dinner, all was well, Sunday is easter and the bunny thing is still fun for the kids so they awoke ready for some sweets and treats. While loading the car for the return trip, I left the doors open and the interiors on. After a nice noon time meal, we were about to hit the road when we found out the battery was done. After some time with jumpers 30 minutes or more, women and dad antagonizing me the hole time, with 3A on the way the car started and we headed home. Home just in time for Master,flyers, Roubaix, phils and a couple of beers. Roubaix is such a cool race. And the flemish really seemed to be out in numbers, Thor Husvof (sp) went down hard and Boonen cranked it home. Too bad flerys lost their chance for home ice, and I learned you don't have to be thin to be a good golfer. Too bad for Perrry and Chambell both played a great tournament. That is the quick and dirty, which I am not correcting. Caught up in a web at work. so, enjoy, wet and wild wednesday, I sure am looking forward to some muddin.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Made in the USA

well here is the latest... maybe the last...factory made bike made in the USA. Buy out...sell out the American way... at least that is what it has seemed to become.
*taking from cycling news

Cannondale shuttering US production
By Gary Boulanger, US editor,
Cannondale is undergoing more changes Photo ©: Kirsten Robbins

Dorel Industries, parent company of Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose and Sugoi, announced it was consolidating locations in the United States, while phasing out production in its Bedford, Pennsylvania factory.
"Today is the beginning of a very exciting period for Dorel's Recreational/Leisure business," said Jeff McGuane, president of Cannondale Sports Group (CSG) North America. McGuane, who has been with Cannondale since 1994 and most recently was President ofCSG International, was named to his new post last month.
Dorel purchased Cannondale and Sugoi from Pegasus Partners for nearly US$200 million cash in early February 2008. Cannondale, an early pioneer of production aluminium bikes, began importing carbon frames from Taiwan in 2007.
The number of Bedford employess will shrink from 300 to 100 by late 2010, as Cannondale transitions 100 percent of its production to its new facility in Taichung, Taiwan. The Bedford facility will be used for final bicycle and Headshok assembly, some CNC machining, testing and quality control, bicycle warranty repair, inside sales/service, distribution and customer support/administration (including a new call center on-site).
The Lake Forest, California and Longmont, Colorado facilities, home to GT and its testing facilities for years, will close as part of the consolidation. All high-end jobs will be based out of Cannondale's original Bethel, Connecticut facility, with some current employees being offered jobs in Connecticut.
Pacific Cycles, based in Madison, Wisconsin, will focus strictly on mass market bikes, where its roots lie since Chris Hornung began selling bikes from the Orient in the mid 1970s. Dorel bought Pacific for US$375 million in 2004.
According to Dorel, all North American product development, marketing and business management functions for all four cycling brands (Cannondale, Schwinn, GT and Mongoose) will move to Bethel, within the newly named Cycling Sports Group (formerly the Cannondale Sports Group).
"Our vision is to create the most innovative and admired company in the recreation and leisure marketplace, and to become a global leader, which is why the Dorel segment was established in the first place," said Robert Baird, president of Dorel's Recreational/Leisure segment. "The strategy for transforming that vision into reality requires a unified, collaborative, and highly engaged workforce, relentlessly committed to innovation and supported by management in rapidly advancing the quality of the products and services we deliver.
"The Cannondale purchase led us to segment our bicycle business to provide best-in-class service to the distinct retailer categories," he added. "Naturally, Cannondale and CSG are key components of our commitment to our independent bicycle dealers (IBD) as we realize how critical IBDs are to the cycling community and to us.
Roman Kreuziger and the Liquigas boys Photo ©: Christophe Mury

"In addition to the plans outlined above, and to ensure we delight our customers with our distinctive brands, innovative products and impactful in-store programs, we are also consolidating our North American CSG operations to two locations from five."
Dorel has created 'Five Centers of Excellence' around the world, with each location focused on a specific market segment or expertise. These centers will be based in:
* Bethel, Connecticut (global headquarters and innovation centre for high-end and enthusiast bicycles);
* Basel, Switzerland (for high-end and enthusiast bicycles sold/marketed in Europe);
* Madison, Wisconsin (for global mass market products);
* Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (for active lifestyle and urban apparel and footwear); and
* Taichung, Taiwan (for coordination of sourcing, testing and quality of Asian suppliers/partners)
Bedford has been its domestic bicycle manufacturing hub since the first model, the ST500, rolled off the line in 1983. Company founder Joe Montgomery sold panniers and child trailers in 1971, taking the company public in 1995. A misguided effort into motorcycle production brought the company to bankruptcy in 2003. Italian road star and 2006 Giro d'Italia winner Ivan Basso currently races a Cannondale SuperSix HiMod carbon road bike with the Liquigas team. Stars who've raced Cannondales include Mario Cipollini, Damiano Cunego and Gilberto Simoni (Saeco), Tinker Juarez, Brian Lopes, Missy Giove, and Myles Rockwell.
Dorel, founded in 1962, is a Montreal-based publicly traded company with annual sales of US$2 billion.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Worms and guts

With the wife and kids off to church I hit the roads, Thick fog and a cool mist, the warming temps had the roads filled with worms and squished frogs, one sure sign of spring is when the peepers start peeping. I like riding in a light rain. with the thin tires and chipped road, little to no need for fenders, glasses were useless within the first 100 yards, as the fog stuck to the outside, covered only about 25 miles, legs were quite heavy from previous weeks efforts, but eventually came around.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Going down

Took this shortly after the downhill picture below, I was going to just take a picture, but the video came on. Well might as well ride it out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This grass looks a little greener than it is. I have noticed some leaf buds about to blossum. I just want to turn the heat off.


I was given a copy of the three disc show from 3/6/2009 at the Hampton Colesium. I don't get out much anymore and for the most part don't really think concert tickets are worth their price. but the music, how many bands play three hours of music at every show? Not flawless, but the jazzy duo of page and trey, with the rythm and funk from mike and john, makes for music that hits hard. Sometimes the lyrics and almost nerdy inside stuff interfers with the pure musical talent that is.

late note.. looking at the setlist it is four hours of music. I am just curious what a typical concert is in length. late late edit. The sound of the video is not good, but the cds were order from Live, and the sound is excellent.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

cycling tip # 8

Commuting is tough. The tip is, pick good routes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursdays are tough

Up late, out run, or overdone. Trying to figure out why my sluggishness is lasting so long. Good group ride out to Marsh. Streaks of full throttle. Riding the flat pave back to victory was tough spin spin coast, was the game as the geared guys upped the anty, the 32X19 spun out quick.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Did also watch some college bb. Big East was interesting.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend review

Did a shift at the bike shop. Had some pizza with fam. Drank a few beers. Rode the 'ryan' on sunday. Went home threw some baseball with the boy. played sorry with the girl and boy. watched a little flyers. drank a couple of beers, watched the end of Paris-Nice( wish I could have seen Saturdays). Put the kids to bed. Bottled 5 gals of cider, drank a quart of cider, hit the hay.

Friday, March 13, 2009

What I am miss'n

MC - The past couple of weeks I read his ride reports from last year, pretty much book worthy stuff. Great pictures too especially the CDT.

I have mentally plotted some schemes to do some overnights on the Horse shoe. It would be a great adventure taker ride/race. Valley forge to Harrisburg.

HS Trail

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is it Wednesday again

let's just forget about last week. Here is a recap...six inches of snow, relay, bonfire, beer, almost turned into a 12 hour event. Headed back to the cars via a busy road, I hit a block of ice that fell off a wheel well of a truck. Can't remember a thing from the crash. I know I hit the right side of my chin and my cheek. As chris tucker would say "you got knocked the $%^# out!". So I am lucky I had friends to scoop me off the road and put me back on my bike.
So onto this week. The Snow melted, it was 60 degrees this weekend. Here is today's dialogue about tonights ride. Follow you will not unless you ride with us and even then most don't have a clue.

CH: Are you gonna be riding tonight? I will be on a shortened timeline. I am thinking about starting at the covered bridge and meeting you guys somewhere along the way. Let me know what your proposed route will be so I can meet up…

Me: Yeah, not sure how sloppy it will be. If the trails are bad, I was thinking of possibly climbing the orchard and go down that “great road” you and I did. That said, for the start, I was thinking of the Campground loop. Climb driveway, head toward Skelp level rd. Cross the road, do that section high above the railbed. Climb up to the neighborhood, and cut into the camp loop, Possible do the wood chip down and back around. Then climb up down up to the back entrance to skelp level loop, roll skelp clockwise, shoot down and either go to the orchard or just to sawmill. Follow? ?

CH: Yep, I follow. I will probably start around the same time you guys do, maybe a little earlier. So I suspect I will meet up with you somewhere around the neighborhood/camp loop. See you out there

CH: The more I think about it, it may be closer to skelp when we meet. I guess it depends on how much of the middle I ride before I head that way. Whatever…I’ll see you eventually…

....And so it goes

Friday, March 6, 2009

Philly week

No not the cycling, the other past time.

P.S. Got to see a good show last night at "the Note" in W.C. Nice new touch to the town. The Bands were great, headliner the Whigs rocked it! Three man band had the music ringing loud. The Singer nearly took himself out while seducing his amp. Bassist was steady and rocking and Drummer banged fast and loud the hole time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Philo Sophia

"Love of Wisdom"
my thought is.... Have lots of wants, but little needs.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Of course it was no match.
Here is the pitch speed machine. I bet pop. I could hit 70 with the baseball. Only one chance. I hit 62mph. but the ball was a fake hardball.

beer making

dead meat

Venision leg, Steaks and Chip Steak

Oma, kids and Big Ben

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Name the spot

I know not many tune into this soliloquy, but here goes nothing. Photos will mostly be taken from my phone. Name the location or better yet trail or road name. Prize - 1 bottle of Home brew or other home baked good.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009



I have a going on 4 year old Surly 1x1. Today it died. I purchased the frame online for $379.00, about three and some years ago. I used the bike on many many XC rides. It has been a good frame. About six months ago I noticed a small crack along the seatube/bottom bracket weld. I wasn’t sure if the crack was a break or just the paint. I commission the bike to a commuter/drop bar cross and have riden many more miles.
This cold winter morning the crack spread. I heard and felt a problem. I inspected the frame to find a big crack spreading around the down tube. I rode with my weight centered up on the front wheel in to work 2-3 more miles. I feel I got good use out of the bike. I am wondering If you could offer me some type of replacement, possibly on a different model. Let me know if there is anything you can do. Hopefully the left side will hold me on my way home. I am getting picked up before the last hill. I can send a photo of the break.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Lack there of

the motivation to get fit is a losing battle. With the strings of parenthood pulling me in many directions, I would rather drink and relax than dedicate any time towards fitness. Sunday was a trip to Franklin Institute for a Imax fim with the kids and laws. We joined last year in April and with our membership alomst up we have not been there. We did get our moneys worth yesterday, with the Grand Canyon Imax and the Narnia exibit all free tickets. Driving kelly drive, by the art musuem and logan circle makes me appreciate the great city of philadelphia. We came back thru gladwyne and other off streets of the Main lin. What superior stone architecture was about. The qualtiy of buildings, masonary homes, walls, aquaducts ,and other designs will never be match as such ever agian. The lost art pre-industrial design and stone building. Now everything is prefabricated as cheaply and as quickly as possible. Oh the ides of March are marching right along.

psa lifted

Heavy wind had the mud to a thicker the PB state on friday, during my crossesk-commute. Late Night freeze has it frozen, problem is mostly fair weather people wait until the worst time to ride, but what the heck do I care. A few rain storms and a drought or two and things are back to solid ground.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Public Service Annoucement

Trails are muddy an sloppy at this time. It will make you really messy, and will be very slow going. If you know where there are "sun Spots" or dry areas let us know( st. petes would be one). I would Say Marsh Creek, French Creek (except red white), d -twn harmony hill area are too soft. Create a crit of some sort or ride some tarmac this weekend. Just my advice, Spinning thru mud is only fun for so long and it leaves a mess of a track. Do yourself a favor!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cycling tip #7

Wear your Helmet! Safety is a measure of chance over necessity. Sure you may feel safe without it, but I would hate to learn this lesson the hard way. When you weigh the pros(safety) vs the cons(comfort) well let's say I would hate to forget it when I need it.
Relative to this topic is skiing\boarding. I grew up safety free when it came to helmets, but a couple of close calls following, shall I say creative trails has me wondering. So back to the tip. I guess the moral only have one brain.

Monday, February 2, 2009

board agian

Dinner for saturday $45 , All day lift ticket $57, Teaching your kids to pound you legs priceless!

Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Batch # 1

On a cold winter day, after a ride, family is bunker down. What to do but brew. So a long time ago I got a home brew kit with, buckets, racking cane, hydrometer and air locks, bottle capper. I had not use this stuff since 94. This past fall I found two 5 gal. glass carboys at a yard sale, which I bought for 15 bucks. I then began making strong cider or cider wines. So for christmas I got a gift cert to a beer supply store. I ended up buying a 6.5 gal glass and some other ingredients. I then order a bunch of hops from here. So, I scratch out a recipe using some resourse. It went a little like this.

Grains - 1 lb cara pils
1 lb crystal 20L
1 lb pale ale
7 lb LME

* Note I used a 3 gal vessel and a 2 gal vessel. I split the grains and extract accordingly. I think I should have used less crystal and cara, but I was make 6.5 gals and I didn't have anymore regular malts.

Hops - here is where I may have gone over board. I think I used too much bittering hops for flavor.
In the one kettle I did: 1 oz perle 60min
.5 perle 30 min
.5 perle 15 min
.25 perle 5 min
In the other I used the very high AAU Zeus hops : (I should have done this 90, 60, 30 minutes) and maybe just .5 oz each increment.
1 oz 45 min
.5 30
.25 15
I did take a sample, but my hydrometer rolled off the counter last night(oops). I did taste the sample. Well, I think a little too much Zues. Can a beer be too hoppy. It also seemed a little lower in gravity than I wanted, but it could have been the hops covering it up. I used an American ale yeast. A couple of things would make this process better. First off all grain is the way to go. For the price of the extract I could have bought over ten pounds of grain. Just need to get a launter tun of sorts. One big kettle 8 gal we be easier than spliitting a batch. If it is too hoppy from the start it will be a batch for storing since hops do make a great preservative.

Forgotten Verse

Went out sunday for a cold afternoon road ride. I like riding country roads. I even tooks some photos. On my way home I was battling some strong winds. I had a poem in my head but forgot the middle line. Went something like this.

Wind, can be a friend,
spiraling round the world,
and an enemy.

Wednesday Ritual

Wednesday has been a ritual for quite some time. It is more about socializing than riding. we are lucky to have trails off old railroad tracks, where nobody can complain about trail damage. This means we ride thick and thin. Looks like this week is going to be thick. Another good thing is that we finish and start at VBC . last week's ride ended up something like this: Single Speed, Single Spd, Sngl Spd, Ryan, Ssp, SS, Rick, 1g (sorry Bob you might have been in front of Rick),but you get the point. So this sunday, a cold day at F.C. Ryan change to a SS. I have to admit, FC is rougher on a SS than some placing. Snow cool snow runs made Ski biking a hoot.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lots going on but not much to say

Winter has been here for a while. Not too much snow, but cold enough, to make being inside okay. Long list of January Birthdays, Duaghter turned four. Sister Turned 30, Pop 59, I 33. Went up to my Cousin Cabin on Lake Wallenpaupack. Had a really nice time. Drive up was slightly interesting, turns out there are 2 colonial lanes in Greentown,pa. We got going down a service road and the snowbanks were getting bigger by the mile and the road was getting smaller. Wife was all over me to turn around and call for directions. Note that we drive a ford minvan, but luckily Pop (wife's Dad) puts on snow tires for the winter. That made a world of difference on Sunday Jan 18th.

So we arrived safely, I had pick up a case of Wyerbacher Big beers for myself, one must be drank after that ride. We skied a very small slope called Tanglewood. Best thing was walking all of 20 yards between the slope, lodge and car. I mostly helped my son learn. The biter cold and short runs made lodge visits frequent. Decided to grab some powder on the side, broke thru a layer of ice crust got a ski stuck and slammed a tree with both elbows. Did my best to make it look like it didn't hurt, but it did, another bruise.

Pretty Uneventfull night. Drank about six big beers, we had the wood stove cooking, played some cards and hit the sack. Woke up to an unexpected 6 inches of powder and still snowing. With the ice crust layer it was some front yard powder runs. We ended up boarding down to the lake and went right out on the ice(insert picture). Snowmobile were flying across the endless ice, It looked like fun .

So we watched the playoffs games then hit the road, which turned into a white knuckle ride home. Where the intersect of Rt 33 and Rt 80, trucks were merging, cars were merging, and people were braking. It made for a very precarious situation. I needed to get past the skitish drivers and slower moving trucks. Find the open space and hold 60. It snowed the whole way home. Most of the roads were covered. The next day multiple accidents reports from where we came from. The kids got a free ticket to explicit threatre, I had some issues with some others on the road. Just my way of destressing. All is well that ends well. Got back to the inlaws for some proper relaxing and caught the end of the second game.

Monday went out for a doe, to no avail, I had the flintlock, and only long shots. I had a nice shot, sitting about 15 ft from a nice 7 point buck. I sat still and watched him breathe for 15 minutes. I tried to take a couple of photos with my phone, but no luck. In this Area you can hunt for doe up until Jan 24, but buck season is over. So no killing for me. I just like being out. Covered a lot of ground and was happy to come back in.

Monday's snow had a delay for the University I work for. I wanted to see the new presidents ceremony and coupled with it being my birthday I worked half day from home. Got a nice ride in at F.C. with Rick, only about an hour, but snow made it fun. Had a great Birthday dinner at my moms, drank a couple of liters of my bro newest invention, very good all grain brown. He got a minikeg for Christmas so he no longer has to bottle. Now back to the grind.

Friday, January 9, 2009

1 hour

This is about the amount of time I can use a regular mtb shoe and heavier sock before the toes start to go cold. Right around 20 something degrees this morning on the commute. Nothing clears the head better than a cold day commute. Although in the interest of time I been taking the busy road, which seems to taken away from the clear head. You know the noise and toxins and lousy drivers. I never quite get while some people think you have to accelerate so hard to pass something going around 20mph. Especially when there is a shoulder. I could probably rant on and on, but in somewhat of a hypocritcal way, I am a lead footer. But Also from watching pro races in person I see what drving with bikes is about.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


If I get some time I will take a picture. I didn't realize I had a bruise until I showered last night. I typically don't bruise at all, but the better half of both cheeks have dark discoloration, not like anyone wants to see it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rain Rain

Look how low the Jet stream dips into Mexico on the loop Jet Stream. Lately all we get is the warmer side of the frontal system. You can see the moisture sucked up from Caribbean. Hit up blue mountain for the Business Person Twilight special. 22 bucks for 4-10pm. Not a bad deal. That is a little less than our normal weekly fare for a pizza and a couple of beers. Went out on the skis. Really impressed how well ski handle ice. So much less work on ice than a board. I boarded for about 10 years and love it in powder, but I have a new found love for skiing. The base at blue is great. It was super fast last night. They won’t have a problem keeping snow on for the rest of the year. All you bikers out there show if you dare here is some cross not for the light hearted. I will be rocking it, and watch out I am not afraid to rub some elbows or take a fall. Anyone have some pads I can use?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is not good


Running And Cycling tip #6

Okay trail running may be fun but running on road is not. It is so much easier to pedal, coast and glide. If there was some surreal hiking place with in a few miles I may hike, but the trails around here are pretty boring without some speed.

Cycling tip #6--- Never assume anything with traiffic or in a peleton.
I commuted yesterday, got home at 5;45. The only time I feel uncomfortable with traffic is when it is dark. I should have taken the back roads, but that requires more hills and about 15 more minutes. I fear a rear end incident the most because you can't see it coming, but cars turning left or right from an intersection are scary too. Last year I got stuck out without a headlight. There were three cars lined up at a stop sign perpendicular to the way I was heading. I knew that they could not see me coming up the road. The first car turn left, then the second without even slowing at the sign. I assumed the third car would slow and take a look before gasing it into the turn. Never assume! This car saw no head lights both way from three cars back and didn't even tap the brakes. I was caught out in front. F-n Sheet. Sometime life holds on by a thread. As I saw the grill of a White Lexus SUV accelerating towards me, I hit the pedal as fast as I could and swerved out to the left. I could have reach out and touched the grill. It was as close as I have been to a major accident on a bike. The driver would not have saw me until impact. At the speed the car was accelerating I would have been underneath in no time. I can't really fault the driver, although a pause was all he or she needed to do. The driver never saw me because I didn't have a light. My nerves race everytime thru there. I now lift my headlight into the eyes of the the drivers at stop signs to make sure they see me, even then I keep on my toes. Moral of the story is that commuting is dangerous. And safety should not be undermined.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Going on is much more fun

So back to eat'n what ever and rid'n. Weight solid 205 give or take. I would like to try and slim down to 185. This is much harder for me than putting on 20 lbs. In the winter if you ride outdoors you don't sweat that much, but a desire for big meals is great. I love food. And can't stand dainty delicate portions. Give me a Meal, which for me, usually means 2 plates. This could be incorporated as a cyling tip for the winter because having a big appetite is really important for keeping the furnace going in the winter. I can eat enough in a day where I won't need to eat for the following. I barely need a sip of water for a ride less than 2 hours, in the winter. I think if I cut out beer weight would natually come off. I also admittedly love the great gift of Saccharomyces.

Friday, January 2, 2009

205 to 220 to 205

When you put two objects on a scale the scale becomes balanced. It just a matter of what objects we are talking about. nice comp preppy and good run jenscy. Happy New year to all! And for goodness sake let us all keep smiling.