Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rain Rain

Look how low the Jet stream dips into Mexico on the loop Jet Stream. Lately all we get is the warmer side of the frontal system. You can see the moisture sucked up from Caribbean. Hit up blue mountain for the Business Person Twilight special. 22 bucks for 4-10pm. Not a bad deal. That is a little less than our normal weekly fare for a pizza and a couple of beers. Went out on the skis. Really impressed how well ski handle ice. So much less work on ice than a board. I boarded for about 10 years and love it in powder, but I have a new found love for skiing. The base at blue is great. It was super fast last night. They won’t have a problem keeping snow on for the rest of the year. All you bikers out there show if you dare here is some cross not for the light hearted. I will be rocking it, and watch out I am not afraid to rub some elbows or take a fall. Anyone have some pads I can use?

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