Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jonny law

pulled me over on my bike tonight around 9:30pm. Said I made an illegal right on red. Forced me to go home because I had no rear blinker. Went home came back out with a blinker and was night riding a county park that closes at night, a state trooper slows and spots me. I turn out to the road to talk, and he slowly kept going. Went to Marsh and did a nice loop. legs felt fresh until the road ride home. Man, can't a guy just get out for a peaceful spin. First guy told me I had to follow all the traffic laws as a motorist. I said well they sure don't treat you like another motorist out there. Not like I am going to stop at lights from now on, look both ways double check and go! No sure how a ticket can be enfororced when there is no way to identify a person. I wish I recorded the stop.

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