Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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So beer is a pretty integral part of life, A substance that is as historical as history, these little bugs invaded our drink to help preserve and protect us. Bla bla. So Of course our number one brewery is Victory because well, of course the great product they make is local, and delicious. They are purist to the art of brewing and every style they make rivals any in its class. Anyways I drink it all from 4'0 to champagne . So while at wegman's the other day I saw these for well, 7.50 a 12 oz bottle. But if you ever had it, and I only had it once, it is quite the different experience than most beers. To be honest there are very few people that would even want to try something like this. And even fewer brewers that try to make anything close, but being it Phillies playoff I figured I would enjoy one if after the phillies won. After watching a good game, while drinking, I opened this...

I am really not that into describing beer poetically, If it is a traditional German, Brit, Czech, or American, it is either good, really good or not that good. And to me it is relative to price ("the best beer is a free beer", unknown).When judging beer, it has to be categorized because it is the regional differences that are atempted to be replicated to taste authentic, but yet unique. So back to 120 min, only beers in it's category are from dfg, Sam Adam's, and possibly Belgians because they are so diverse(I have not had one close in taste or strength ). No words to really describe the taste. Let me put it this way I didn't finish the hole thing, it wasn't bad, but with work the next day I couldn't take it. So capped it half way down and put it in the fridge. Happily drank it for the start of game 2. Hop syrup ! with a sherry like in strength, but very unique taste.

with out futher adieu, true to the title here are some shots of my, well beer.

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JenBob said...

There's a beer you couldn't actually finish?!?!?! Though I probably couldn't either. Also sounds like something I wouldn't like, but sounds like Jen would like it a lot.

I didn't realize you had so much beer "on hand". If I ever run out, I know who to go to.

Nice gray water pump for your laundry. I didn't realize they made such a thing or you could install it that way. I'm looking to do something similar, but burry it in the basement floor under a toilet.

Hop Walloween here we come!