Monday, May 31, 2010

Lacrosse, Tennis, waiting for the Cup finals

I am watching the NCAA Lacrosse finals. Duke vs Notre Dame. I can't even hope for one team over the other because I dislike both. Interesting that Duke seniors are the one's in a scandal in 2006. For some reason it doesn't seem that long ago. But the Irish. I can't root for the Irish. Oh well Duke just won. Have to say that Lacrosse is a pretty cool game. So two hours to kill until the Flyers. Rode home from Galena,MD this morning 10:25 to 3 something. Four hours in the heat had me cooked, so bad I took a stop 5 miles from the house to cool off in a fresh flowing steam. Had a packed cobber, so sitting in the water watching the natural fish run was what I needed. Still hopped on the bike and had no go. Slow motion is okay sometimes as long as it is motion you are headed in the right direction. The heat kicked my ass. PA riding was much better the the Cecil/Kent farm land, although pushed to much early tempo probably hurt me in the end. Nearly a delusional state, but made it by. cycling tip heat is a big factor when it comes to human powered travel.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Giro is massive

Yesterdays stage broke down cyclist like the projects. God the Giro is a massive event and today the snow cover peaks of Gavia, with 20,000 feet of climbing. Arroyo Did an amazing ride, blowing past the likes of Cadel and Sastre, making up 2 minutes on a downhill. would have been sweet to see him hold the jersey. I am not sure what these guys do to recover from that to ride 20,000 feet uphill today. Imagine the calories you need for that stage. Seriously it would take and Local pro Mtb or roadie for that matter, hours beyond the cut. Good thing they don't show the sag wagon because I am sure there is a lot of car hold bottle passing and other sheet going down. Drug, shit I could imagine trying this type of tour with out. All in good faith I guess, but how do you bring yourself to ride a stage like this after the week they have been thru. TT tomorrow and it is all over. Sometime I wish the verdict didn't always become so obivious in the mountains. But Basso is looking good and has the Italiana climbing team to go with it. The next question can he climb with the condor. no edit check done. thank you, good buy, have family duty.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saddened and suprized

The local community lost a local legend. Clyde, better known as Bud was a friend to all of us in the local Mountain bike community. It was his group of friends/riders that got me introduce to this great recreation and so many people that shared a passion for it. I was a young energetic youth with no etiquette. He taught us so much more than to just ride fast. It was about being out with friends from all walks of life, and sharing in an activity that is plain fun.

I can tell you I will miss him. Miss seeing him smile and shake hands whenever we saw each other. Even though we didn't ride much together anymore, it wasn't really about riding as much as it was being part of a group, a community that shared in laughter and fun. It is time to tip our hats with utmost respect for a great community leader. The past time he loved and shared with so many people, we can only hope to do the same. I think we can all say Bud epitomized a stand up, proactive and good person. Rest in Peace.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Song for friday

I see a wolf up in those hills

Is it really crying wolf if you do see one? Or if it is far enough away should you leave it be? That wolf may never come by again. Landis and Lemond now can join hands and sing together. I think moving forward is much better than looking back. I think anyone watching the sport would see that times changed (and that goes for the america's pasttime too). But why slander now. You lost your credibility by admitting you lie. What I would like to know is what happened the tour you won? Did you stick a patched of testoserone on yo nutz, finally ride with some aggressiveness, win a stage knowing you would fail? That is the big question, are you that dumb? Did something else goe wrong(you get one shot with honesty)? Didn't the whole tattle tail thing fall flat. You know when congress decided we could entrap a person into false testimony? Where did it go? At least Lance didn't get caught. Maybe congress should try and entrap or slander further. Is it some big conspiricy, with power and politics and money?? Your guess is as good as mind, the closed doors may always remain. You had a chance at honesty. Let's cry some wolf together.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cycling tip

Keep menthol or similar acting substances away from the nether region. Way more tingle then you want to imagine.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cycling tip

When bumping into a person on the trails or the road be polite and happy. Say High, and look them in the face before you look at what bike they are riding.