Monday, June 1, 2009

Racing is Hard

Iron hill endurance race. got a breif shower right before the start. Just enough to make it slick. Got off with a decent start sitting 5-10 position. Slipped out on a small dip. Banged the knee. Chasing yoder, pretty good click staying about the same distance apart as the guy behind. Just enough to let him know I am there. Second lap, I lazily slipped out again, this time snapping my handlebar at the grip. Hiked out. Conteplated quitting, looked around for a bar. Found spinner cycles traveling bike shop. Bought a handle bar and went back out for lap 2. I was now a lap down, but at least I was riding again. Brakes were off slighly. Hands got tired by the end did 6 laps, got a good abusive workout and watched the elite race. Now I feel beat to sheet. patched up the cuts, but the muscle ache and knee slighlty banged. I guess that is mtb racing, tough sport I tell you.

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JenBob said...

maybe you're getting old.

I've been told twice now that I have arthritis.