Monday, December 22, 2008

Cycling tip #5

If your feet are cold keep riding.

So some artic air move in. Something like 15 degrees out there. For one reason or others I have a desire to be out in it, riding. Obivously mtn biking is a much easier choice in the winter, but there is no real utility to it that is unless you are lucky enough to have rolling trails from your door. The public trails that actually go anywhere are typically Rails Trails, which mean flat usually near water and open. Not really giving you what you need to warm up. So open roads and Cold air usually means trainers for alot of cyclist. The thing is that I like cycling more for utility than a means of excerise. It gives some meaning to riding. Kinda like hunting bears food. I don't see the sporting aspect. I want to be out mostly because i enjoy it, secondly as a method of transportation and lastly because it is healthy. But maybe being healthy is what makes it feel good.
Sometime you go out the door in some what of a test mode. I know it is cold, but is it 15 miles and there are hills so what should I wear to be balanced. All of us around here know if you want to average 20 mph you wear spandex and clipless (clip onto) pedals. Which means you are wearing a shoe that is rigid and kinda tight feeling. If you put some 5mm neoprene over top it is pretty warm for a while. If you go with the Lakes you are probably good down to zero. But in long term I think flats and insulated boots are the warmest way.
So, back to riding so what is the appeal? Someone said "wasted miles". Here it is, there is no goal in store except to get from point a to point be. You want to see who can do it faster well that is a race, but now riding is social, so we go from point a to point a as a group with no real purpose other than it is fun and social.
So when you walk out the door alone it is no longer social. It is more soul shall. If I worked outside or had to do something physical I might feel the urge to rest in the warmth of a furnaced shelter, but I hardly call scraping ice off the car and walking a few hundred yards to sit on my buttocks a physical job. You see some can and do like to sit an be social, but my soul shall wants to be doing something. Either some problem solving or creating some kind of problem by pushing my physical limits. Just being self sufficiant unreliant and entertained to the point of thrill, while face with mental challenge and prepartion involved. I often feel deflated by the reality of having a schedule and responsibilities. Saying all this I have been driving to work. I could have road in, but I can't get up. I struggle at night to consistantly sleep but in the morning I like to wait til the suns shines. I could easily take 1 to 2 more hours each morning. I can not get myself to get those hours at night. My physical body and mind are scheduled. Come January I will have a schedule of daily work and life time routine. I need to work toward a way to shedule my schedule with balance with-in me and with those who I love.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

F'n birds

Why can't a pro team run a bleep'n hurry up. They should have been going no huddle since the thrid. Ried just can't call a good game.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Last night of Cross last night. The thickest mud I ever ridden. My true colors ran thru. I guess I'm not that quick at being quick. It is this extra gut I use to keep me centered on the bike, not so good for shifting weight. Got lapped by Yozzel on the last lap. I really didn't want anymore. But very suprized others made it look so easy, and fun. Time to give Mr Landers his bike back, time for a tune up, it was fun, but lugging that thing thru the mud had me beat. Foot speed is important in mtb as well, especially on those grueling climbs, who needs the little ring, something to work on? Anyways more mud in store for my local trails, good thing we have stuff off the beaten pass where the leaves are still covering what resembles something of a trail. Hopefully it will freeze one of theses day.

Look at all the moisture coming off the Great Lakes. Whiteface Ski area would be a good spot to be today. Nothing to kill a hang over better the blasting down a mtn in cool fresh winter air. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all out there. I am ready for some Food.

Friday, December 12, 2008

If I was a polar bear I would stay close to the land

Massive subtropic mass push up the eastern seaboard dumping 2 days and 4 inches of rain. My gutter over flowed at about midnight and the basement floor where the well comes in sarted seeping shortly after. Ended up cleanning out the gutter at 12:30am and vaccumed up water at 3. Just in time for christmas. southern Louisiana got 4 inches of snow? Let's just call it la sobrina.

Monday, December 8, 2008

cycling tip #4

Carefull where you embrocate. lathered up the legs for a cold day's ride prior to putting on the bibs. I think I got some on the chamois, because my unit started to feel the heat. Not much you can do, but deal withit. Oh yeah and it was not the mild kind.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas list

A new camera would be nice, sometimes I feel like I am losing a little bit of the moment if I am trying to capture it. But I think pictures are worth as much as words. Our family computer is alomost 9 years old. Lots on the list for me, but I usually just accept what is given, in particular I am not very particular and like to just go with the flow. New arm warmer, coffee mug, lots of things on the desired list.. My camping stuff all but failed this past year. tent fly is a sieve, head lamp terminal are bad, bag could be better, list go on and on, but since I am not planning any serious journeys any time soon I make due. Nice pair of bib snow pants, winter cycling pants, riding shoes...I really want to get some better supplies for cooking beer. Another Carboy (more the merrier) , good scotch would be nice. It is all about the time off work and the partying anyways. A gift for the the soul is more than anyone can ask for.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3 and 7

Almost four. Time just flies by. One day I will miss these times. But regulation is sometimes a tough presentation. If they had it their way it would be cookies and tv and hooligans. Sometimes the whipp must crack, but other times the reins let loose. Dinner bath, homework, bed, with lots in between is the nightly routine. Trust and respect and love grow in many ways. The works becomes less but choices become harder.


indulgence finds me
my fortitude is stronger
easy with you near