Monday, July 13, 2009

Northwest Passage

The First 250 pages of this book, had me glued. There have been many quotes words that I have wanted to copied to this blog. Fiction tend to stretch the truth some, but the truth is never shadowed in this book. Men like Robert Roger's examplify mental and physical strength of characters that the foundation of civilization were based upon. Today there is little need for such endurance, which is maybe what leads us to search out adventure of our own.


JenBob said...

Even if we were still cutting our own wood and growing our own vegetables for the winter, we'd still need adventure.

It's in our blood. We need freedom, pain and risk of injury to keep us alive.

Everyday chores whether slaughtering the pig or mowing the grass would never be enough to sustain life as we need it.

Anonymous said...

after the trip these guys took, langdon was happy to get back home and paint and dream of marriage, that is until he found out the major was goign to marry his dream girl. In which case he took off on to england.

Anonymous said...

I guess what I was getting at is that our modern day adventures lack some importance other than to just fill the soul. Which is why when in times of peace men like rogers, had an emptiness that led to depressed being and why many native follow the same suit.

Mark said...

Not so much depressed from on inwards standpoint, cause this guy raved and rowdies with the best of them, but from on outside view, they were ticking time bombs.