Monday, November 23, 2009

Gone Phish'n

Club Box thanks to Mr. Denight. Should be good. In high school, I got to see Phish and Suny Stony Brook campus for 10 bucks, Sat front row in folding chairs with Bleachers pack. Pretty cool! Watch the band take the role as leading the traveling Magic circus around the country. Sometimes the flow is hard to follow, and lyrics hard to understand but the sounds is amazing, I am sure not much has changed.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wish I was riding

When I first started to get into cycling it was a gradual progression of an act of doing something. This led me to many facets of the what riding is. It meant picking new styles and learning each. It seems I came full circle, from full suspension to road, to single, to anyone for any day. Always a part was building fitness and strength and endurance. The more I rode the more I wanted to ride. Look for weaknesses and build on strength. Time is sometimes lost. Indifference is needed. Riding to get somewhere, cured inner stores, left money in the barrel and felt good. When beat and battered and cold, there is all the appreciation of warmth, home, and sweet dreams. There is always time for something if you make it. I have lost the inner stores, to go get it, but often think of a time when there is time. Lost will be the days of singing blues clues and dancing.

going into rant must cool off english will be broken
I vocalize my angst at slow pokes causing traffic jam. I can't stand how things all clog up because of a driver refusing to pass the truck of bus and get over into the non-passing right lane, why is that concept so hard to understand, it is a law, I would like to see people be made more aware. If you are doing 60 mph find a spot and get over, that is just call driving couteousy, which is something most people have lost, a little like a paceline, but I don' t think they would get that either. note to self just go the other way.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Costa Rico

Here is some great coverage of a truly unique event. Besides the racing it looks like fun.


Monday, November 9, 2009

New Business opened in D-town.

Just what I needed in the home town. Stop in and check it out.