Monday, January 5, 2009

Going on is much more fun

So back to eat'n what ever and rid'n. Weight solid 205 give or take. I would like to try and slim down to 185. This is much harder for me than putting on 20 lbs. In the winter if you ride outdoors you don't sweat that much, but a desire for big meals is great. I love food. And can't stand dainty delicate portions. Give me a Meal, which for me, usually means 2 plates. This could be incorporated as a cyling tip for the winter because having a big appetite is really important for keeping the furnace going in the winter. I can eat enough in a day where I won't need to eat for the following. I barely need a sip of water for a ride less than 2 hours, in the winter. I think if I cut out beer weight would natually come off. I also admittedly love the great gift of Saccharomyces.

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