Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Running And Cycling tip #6

Okay trail running may be fun but running on road is not. It is so much easier to pedal, coast and glide. If there was some surreal hiking place with in a few miles I may hike, but the trails around here are pretty boring without some speed.

Cycling tip #6--- Never assume anything with traiffic or in a peleton.
I commuted yesterday, got home at 5;45. The only time I feel uncomfortable with traffic is when it is dark. I should have taken the back roads, but that requires more hills and about 15 more minutes. I fear a rear end incident the most because you can't see it coming, but cars turning left or right from an intersection are scary too. Last year I got stuck out without a headlight. There were three cars lined up at a stop sign perpendicular to the way I was heading. I knew that they could not see me coming up the road. The first car turn left, then the second without even slowing at the sign. I assumed the third car would slow and take a look before gasing it into the turn. Never assume! This car saw no head lights both way from three cars back and didn't even tap the brakes. I was caught out in front. F-n Sheet. Sometime life holds on by a thread. As I saw the grill of a White Lexus SUV accelerating towards me, I hit the pedal as fast as I could and swerved out to the left. I could have reach out and touched the grill. It was as close as I have been to a major accident on a bike. The driver would not have saw me until impact. At the speed the car was accelerating I would have been underneath in no time. I can't really fault the driver, although a pause was all he or she needed to do. The driver never saw me because I didn't have a light. My nerves race everytime thru there. I now lift my headlight into the eyes of the the drivers at stop signs to make sure they see me, even then I keep on my toes. Moral of the story is that commuting is dangerous. And safety should not be undermined.

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