Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The breeze

Just kinda been drifting along, nothing really special to write or say. Kids caught a fever this weekend one after another. I swung some golf clubs and walked some, nice day. Rode a little of South mt. wet and slick rocks, they will get you if the climbing doesn't first. Stupid avid juicy, won't brake for a damn. Thought it was the pads, but all they want to do is squeak and vibrate. Nothing more annoying than a loud chattery front brake. The mechanicals I have from avid work fine nd have for years, but the 07 juicy never preformed the way I like. No real racing. Plenty of commuting miles, since wife's taking online classes for the summer. Got to find some motivation to get up earlier and thin myself down a little. Typically I drop 10 lbs when the warm weather hits, but I have been lingering this year around 205. Hard to keep up with that weight. Thinking maybe track. You know, what is in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another force. Gravity and sticky trails have been my downfall lately. Wife's family is home. Kids turning 8. having a b-day party on Sunday for him. Maybe I will take some pics.

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