Monday, July 20, 2009

Work Blogger

I guess that is what I am. Most the post come during a few minutes of downtime. When I ride to work ideas flow like a mtn. stream. When I drive, not so much, more discontent than philosophy. So I am back on the bike, the last month and a half have been overloaded with stuff outside of riding and now I hope to ride into some sort of shape starting today. Will let you know when I drop below 200lbs. Normally I can get down to 190lbs pretty easily, really have lacked the moto. to even try this year. Pretty much just like being out at a sub-par speed. Enjoy the sights and sounds and smells so to speak. But I love racing and my favorite thing about July is watching guys compete in a world spectacle only truly understood by those that try to imitate. There are plenty of more fireworks to come. Tuesday is a downhill finish that, will cause time gaps. wednesday is a helleious day in the mtn. Thursday is a time trial, which will create time differences and Saturday is mt Ventoux. So lots to come in the final week. I will speak about my thoughts from Saturday. Astana should have let the gap grown to 12 minutes without a worry. Hincapie, as we all know and love for his demmeanor, would never be able to carry himself in the big mtn. Okay, so the slight shift by Cav, well in my book it was a blocking move. The team was obviously mixed between points and overall. But he should maybe have been docked a spot not 20. To take a jersye from a man who is the best sprinter, is not , good sports. Lastly, there one man who could out climb w/ contador as was seen in the 2007 TDF. I am hopful, these guys like normal humans have some faults, because it makes for more drama.


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