Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bad ride

Well, I guess I am due. I am riding on a set of hayes that are 7 years old. At granogue I had very little front brake. Didn't matter because there was mud to slow ya down. Anyway. So the pads were shot. I had the entire bike cleaned and apart since the race. Threw it all back together for the Wednesday Victory ride. Even with new pads the brake was not there, so I quickly bled the system. Felt the brake. it has some bite, but then went soft. oh well ride anyways. down the first hill and the brake was gone, but luckily the rear had bite and new pads, so only the real steep downs were going to be trouble. I also noticed a wheel wobble. I actually had noticed it at granogue, but thought it was just the mass of mud. At a re-group stop I found a loose spoke. I was going to tighten it when I noticed that the flange of the hub had broken. wobbly wheel, no front brake and a broken hub. Oh well wen to the back and kept riding. next thing on a very steep up, my wheel came loose in the drops, it slid forward in the horz drop and the tire rub on the frame. Stop told other just to move along and I will catch up. Straighten the wheel, tighten the bolts and back under way. Survied the rest of the highly accelerating ride with little other adversity. But upon wearing my sun glasses this morning I also noticed that the rubber piece on the arm had been lost. Should have stayed home and went to the boys baseball game. now I have to find out what is wrong with the brake, try and get a replacement front hub which entails taking the wheel apart and putting it back together, and look for some lost legs(honey don't worry that is a cycling term for lost power).

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