Saturday, September 12, 2009

ACS 20 tooth

Clunk, clunk, clunk. Complete rebuild. loose ball bearings, lots of them, hope the thing doesn't fall apart tommorrow at the Bear Creek finals. At one point I almost gave up. Then lost a pawl somewhere never to be found, figure I was missing a bearing or two anyways, so took another old one apart, got a pawl and loaded it in. packed all 40 something bearings and sealed er up with some phil wood grease. Let's hope she still doesn't clunk. Or worse. I could probably use a 21, darn gut like it where it is. Hope for some good z's(makes me thing of time trial trio) . Then off to ride some rock, my cumulative downhill times will rival the best.


Anonymous said...

It still clunked. just like my body.

Mark said...

I can rest assure, it was one missing ball bearing. Finally got it right, but less too pawls. Now just having to solve about ten more problems with the other Junk, I use for entertainment, elightenment and transportation. Not a damn one is running A. there all like C to B. It okay the body as far as cycling is running a little diesel, not on turbo. kicken right around 210lb. Pretty good fighten weight. how about Kimbo going down on spike last night. "It's like having the moon on top of you. How you gonna lift the moon?" rampage jackson.