Sunday, May 3, 2009

Messed and Mudded

Granogue turned into the sloppiest, messiest mud I have seen. As written before on this blog, when the mud turns to recycled peanut butter, and I have to walk my ride turns south. not sure I could have power for 4 hours regardless, but that workout was hardly cycling. Pictures to come when ever they pop up on the web. Still cleanning the mud out of the eyes. Place is like a moment frozen in time, when the Dupont came out in aristocratic pre-industrial attire, 20 coaches with horses, wagon, trumpet and marksmen.
Took apart the entire bike to clean and get the water out of the steel frame. Two shot bb bearings, and disc pads. Everything is sitting on top of news paper with a spray of lube. frames hanging on the stand. 32 20 was fine, course had some hills, but the walking in mud with the mud clinging to the bike is what halted me. dam bike must had been fifty pounds. When a saw a junior hoisting his bike, I thought that thing must way twice his weight. Congrats to all that indured that slog.

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