Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Marysville notes

Two - easily correctable technicals, a) broke 2 teeth off an old chainring, solution get a new chainring in April every year. b.) handlebar came loose. solution check headset and handlebar bolts after vigorous time trial.

One uniform failure, don't sit and wait in a wet chamios for 50 minutes, get dry, get grease and get out, I have a uniform imprint scorned onto my cheeks,.

Equipment - when riding ss, bring a change of gears, when I started slowing it would have been nice to have a 20 th. and when I rode Sean's bike the fork really helped the hands and arms. Trainer, I think having a trainer to ease the legs might have helped.

Nutirition - This one is big, I consider the main reason for a failure is the lack of training/healthy living. My body wasn't prepare for the effort at hands. I think a bonk may have been in avoidable. , but I could have tried to eat more substance after lap 1, 2. I should have went out slower and trainer may have help rid some cramps. The beer probably didn't help, a beer on lap three and beeing in the heat for 12 hours played its affect, the storm king after lap five(when I was calling it) not sure this one hurt immediately on lap 6, but paid the price 1.5 hrs later. edits will be made. just getting out the thoughts quickly then back to work.

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