Friday, October 30, 2009

Back logged

I have a back log of post, but little time to get them up.

1) bike blog - including pictorials of removing a cotter pinned crank from a '69 raliegh record.

2) 50 mile ride round trip in the rain to spectate, but the beer was gone and a fire would have made lots of people warmer. Luckily I brought my own supplies. Double up with a stop at Ludwigs and sucked down Hop devil watching, racers pick up UCI illegal dollar bill hand downs. Chase by sheppards on commute home, I think the alcohol on my breathe scared them away.

3) The most important, or at least fun event to put on. My sleep is lacking due to late night antics and mission critical shuttles.

4) If I have any interest in doing anything but touring, I better get to a better health and wellness program, but curretn program is great for heavy weight wrestling matches and touring.

5) 3 hours out of work. fuel for night and new trail (is a one way ride) need to video the drop in.

6) Phils better beat some Yanker arse.

7) My girl is not a tom boy. and my boy likes sliding on his knees in grass.

8) almost forgot a major part of last weekend was home improvement, as time consuming and tedious as it may be, it feels good when the job is done. problem is the job is never completely done.

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JenBob said...

i wanna see the BB pics, home improvements, and I can help make the video of the new "trail"