Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is it Wednesday again

let's just forget about last week. Here is a recap...six inches of snow, relay, bonfire, beer, almost turned into a 12 hour event. Headed back to the cars via a busy road, I hit a block of ice that fell off a wheel well of a truck. Can't remember a thing from the crash. I know I hit the right side of my chin and my cheek. As chris tucker would say "you got knocked the $%^# out!". So I am lucky I had friends to scoop me off the road and put me back on my bike.
So onto this week. The Snow melted, it was 60 degrees this weekend. Here is today's dialogue about tonights ride. Follow you will not unless you ride with us and even then most don't have a clue.

CH: Are you gonna be riding tonight? I will be on a shortened timeline. I am thinking about starting at the covered bridge and meeting you guys somewhere along the way. Let me know what your proposed route will be so I can meet up…

Me: Yeah, not sure how sloppy it will be. If the trails are bad, I was thinking of possibly climbing the orchard and go down that “great road” you and I did. That said, for the start, I was thinking of the Campground loop. Climb driveway, head toward Skelp level rd. Cross the road, do that section high above the railbed. Climb up to the neighborhood, and cut into the camp loop, Possible do the wood chip down and back around. Then climb up down up to the back entrance to skelp level loop, roll skelp clockwise, shoot down and either go to the orchard or just to sawmill. Follow? ?

CH: Yep, I follow. I will probably start around the same time you guys do, maybe a little earlier. So I suspect I will meet up with you somewhere around the neighborhood/camp loop. See you out there

CH: The more I think about it, it may be closer to skelp when we meet. I guess it depends on how much of the middle I ride before I head that way. Whatever…I’ll see you eventually…

....And so it goes


JenBob said...

that's pretty light as far as dirtbag-bonics go.

so how'd the park path work? Bathed in moonlight across the athletics?

Mark said...

Across the altheltics and then back to the road. Could not find an outlet. It was nice out. Breezy, moon never really popped thru

Henderson said...

It’s a testament to the patchwork that is D-town.