Monday, December 22, 2008

Cycling tip #5

If your feet are cold keep riding.

So some artic air move in. Something like 15 degrees out there. For one reason or others I have a desire to be out in it, riding. Obivously mtn biking is a much easier choice in the winter, but there is no real utility to it that is unless you are lucky enough to have rolling trails from your door. The public trails that actually go anywhere are typically Rails Trails, which mean flat usually near water and open. Not really giving you what you need to warm up. So open roads and Cold air usually means trainers for alot of cyclist. The thing is that I like cycling more for utility than a means of excerise. It gives some meaning to riding. Kinda like hunting bears food. I don't see the sporting aspect. I want to be out mostly because i enjoy it, secondly as a method of transportation and lastly because it is healthy. But maybe being healthy is what makes it feel good.
Sometime you go out the door in some what of a test mode. I know it is cold, but is it 15 miles and there are hills so what should I wear to be balanced. All of us around here know if you want to average 20 mph you wear spandex and clipless (clip onto) pedals. Which means you are wearing a shoe that is rigid and kinda tight feeling. If you put some 5mm neoprene over top it is pretty warm for a while. If you go with the Lakes you are probably good down to zero. But in long term I think flats and insulated boots are the warmest way.
So, back to riding so what is the appeal? Someone said "wasted miles". Here it is, there is no goal in store except to get from point a to point be. You want to see who can do it faster well that is a race, but now riding is social, so we go from point a to point a as a group with no real purpose other than it is fun and social.
So when you walk out the door alone it is no longer social. It is more soul shall. If I worked outside or had to do something physical I might feel the urge to rest in the warmth of a furnaced shelter, but I hardly call scraping ice off the car and walking a few hundred yards to sit on my buttocks a physical job. You see some can and do like to sit an be social, but my soul shall wants to be doing something. Either some problem solving or creating some kind of problem by pushing my physical limits. Just being self sufficiant unreliant and entertained to the point of thrill, while face with mental challenge and prepartion involved. I often feel deflated by the reality of having a schedule and responsibilities. Saying all this I have been driving to work. I could have road in, but I can't get up. I struggle at night to consistantly sleep but in the morning I like to wait til the suns shines. I could easily take 1 to 2 more hours each morning. I can not get myself to get those hours at night. My physical body and mind are scheduled. Come January I will have a schedule of daily work and life time routine. I need to work toward a way to shedule my schedule with balance with-in me and with those who I love.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

F'n birds

Why can't a pro team run a bleep'n hurry up. They should have been going no huddle since the thrid. Ried just can't call a good game.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Last night of Cross last night. The thickest mud I ever ridden. My true colors ran thru. I guess I'm not that quick at being quick. It is this extra gut I use to keep me centered on the bike, not so good for shifting weight. Got lapped by Yozzel on the last lap. I really didn't want anymore. But very suprized others made it look so easy, and fun. Time to give Mr Landers his bike back, time for a tune up, it was fun, but lugging that thing thru the mud had me beat. Foot speed is important in mtb as well, especially on those grueling climbs, who needs the little ring, something to work on? Anyways more mud in store for my local trails, good thing we have stuff off the beaten pass where the leaves are still covering what resembles something of a trail. Hopefully it will freeze one of theses day.

Look at all the moisture coming off the Great Lakes. Whiteface Ski area would be a good spot to be today. Nothing to kill a hang over better the blasting down a mtn in cool fresh winter air. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all out there. I am ready for some Food.

Friday, December 12, 2008

If I was a polar bear I would stay close to the land

Massive subtropic mass push up the eastern seaboard dumping 2 days and 4 inches of rain. My gutter over flowed at about midnight and the basement floor where the well comes in sarted seeping shortly after. Ended up cleanning out the gutter at 12:30am and vaccumed up water at 3. Just in time for christmas. southern Louisiana got 4 inches of snow? Let's just call it la sobrina.

Monday, December 8, 2008

cycling tip #4

Carefull where you embrocate. lathered up the legs for a cold day's ride prior to putting on the bibs. I think I got some on the chamois, because my unit started to feel the heat. Not much you can do, but deal withit. Oh yeah and it was not the mild kind.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas list

A new camera would be nice, sometimes I feel like I am losing a little bit of the moment if I am trying to capture it. But I think pictures are worth as much as words. Our family computer is alomost 9 years old. Lots on the list for me, but I usually just accept what is given, in particular I am not very particular and like to just go with the flow. New arm warmer, coffee mug, lots of things on the desired list.. My camping stuff all but failed this past year. tent fly is a sieve, head lamp terminal are bad, bag could be better, list go on and on, but since I am not planning any serious journeys any time soon I make due. Nice pair of bib snow pants, winter cycling pants, riding shoes...I really want to get some better supplies for cooking beer. Another Carboy (more the merrier) , good scotch would be nice. It is all about the time off work and the partying anyways. A gift for the the soul is more than anyone can ask for.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3 and 7

Almost four. Time just flies by. One day I will miss these times. But regulation is sometimes a tough presentation. If they had it their way it would be cookies and tv and hooligans. Sometimes the whipp must crack, but other times the reins let loose. Dinner bath, homework, bed, with lots in between is the nightly routine. Trust and respect and love grow in many ways. The works becomes less but choices become harder.


indulgence finds me
my fortitude is stronger
easy with you near

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


it seems like every time it gets cold around here, it warms up and the ground turns to mush. We had 2 inches of snow, but it turned to 40 and rain yesterday. Glad I am not in the skiing business around here. They seems to be getting less and less help from mother nature. My opinion is that climate change is real. Having talked to a Norwegian about the effect in his area, the world has undoubtedly changed. My guess is that 200 years ago the ground froze in November and Thawed in April around these parts. Now we get the on again off again extremes.
Well almost the Holidaze season. As my grandfather used to say "Eat for the Hunger to come" my problem is with all the amenities around I don't ever seem to go hungry .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


its has actully changed quite a bit since this at some point I may show a finished product. If anyone ever wants a custom painting or mural, i know a freelancer, although fully employed by two kids and a hungry homer, while studying to get her teaching cert.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Went from wet and mild to cool and crisp. Tackled a good portion of the Horseshoe trail past French Creek on Sunday. Bumped into an ole-timer who stated the trail use to have more land and that he once manage that portion of the trail.
Sarah has been working on a painting of the Bay for my parents. Pretty good if you ask me. Her art can be animated day to day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Is there a target we aim for or are we guided by chance? I volunteered to direct the Mtb race at French Creek this year. I met the park manager at French Creek this morning. For anyone who has never been involved in creating an event, let me tell you the planning is a full time commitment.

One thing that is not encouraging, is hearing about behavior of some participants. Just because you are stressed about a local race, does not entitle you the right to be disrespectful. Hearing about people showing up late, with verbal insults makes me wonder what type of people there are out there. After cleaning up mounds of litter, I do question .

Think about how it is we have a race. It is easy to complain. I will take the criticism constructively, and welcome it as a way to improve. We will do our best to provide a fun, safe, and organized event.

In general I would like to see people look and think a littel more outward towards others and the world we share. I will make sure to try and pratice what I am preaching and hope to put another Stellar year of "On the Rocks at French Creek" for 2009.

Friday, November 7, 2008

hip check

to a tree, ow. mudn fudn. doudting the 1x1 was made for cx

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Changing tides

Glad to see people in this country are open to new ideas. A couple of key win for those of us that believe in Norml change. Here are a couple of links.

Voter can choose

13th state

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

D is for decision

Well the time has come the so called"W" is on his way out. Man, how did he get reelected fails me. He started his first term with budget surplus. Now look at where we are Nation deficit. Yeah so the government gave money back, but then spent out the wazoo. After reading more that website it blamed the deficit on a democratic congress. I can't completely disagree, but still close to 30% of the budget is spent on the Military. Here is a Differt View.
At the mean time the national security fail on the biggest attack on American soil. Some say that this was planned. Some sort of political conspiracy to drag our country into war. So went the war. And still there goes the war. One aspect I had hope for is to help balance and control the oil market. Not. Somehow I felt rob as Americans as our dollars pour into the hands of the Big Oil Company. There was not control what so ever. $50 a barrel for crude was a record high. Well within "W" second term the the price nearly triple the $50 market.

My prediction was that oil is the blood line to our economy. From plastics to fuel. If we lose control on the raw commodity inflation will skyrocket. Luckily for me I can slightly separate myself by human powered transportation. So things started getting bad. And only got worse.

Now we wait, is there a quick fix? Can we find a solution or an end to the war in Iraq? When a government spends billions on Health Care, Education, and the "Projects" they called it Socialism. When a government spend that money to help world wide investor, the richest people in the world, they call it a bailout. To me Bailout equal government assistants which equals socialism. It is just a different cohort of people.

On taxes, I don't want to be taxed or pay tax, but we all do, in many various ways. From sales, to property, to gas, guns and alcohol. The thing is the government just can't produce money and give it away. The bottom will eventually fall out. So make your decision on D-day. And keep you head up regardless of who wins. Our founding fathers made decision that will keep this country strong. Don;t just complain about what is wrong. Try and be someone that promotes a better way.

Monday, November 3, 2008


The tears in my eyes,
are from joy of speed and wind,
in the cool Fall air.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There is no order for it to be run, just be careful not to be the last one.
At the start of the prologue we do a loop, cut thru the middle to find a Troop.
Now as you know we go many routes, there is a place where Mark had a bout, do not go in but look where he parked in a small stump you’ll find something to spark.
Keep reading before you make a choice to go find, riding reverse you’ll make better time. Out to the end o Johnsontown you’ll find a wreck, in the front seat you find some cans, drink it what the heck even if it’s bland.
A smart choice it maybe to knock this one out first, a trail under a road that rhythms with help.
Up to the school you can find another, a straight row of pines three trees from the farther.
Head to duez make a quick trip to the end of a steep long down, along the trail look on the ground.
Off to the end of the gravel mill road take the new option, but don’t be too quick, before the edge take a look.
Harmony Hill has a new part too, go to where Ben hid the Pabst Blue, It was in a stump where nobody jumped.
Three more to go then off to the end. Up at the top of the butt puck my friend .
And on the bridge which planks have un-wind smack in the middle you’ll find .
On a trail call clay-mark a new bridge was made, stop and look under for a final parade.
Off to the foundation of 1808 will be the last stop don’t be late.
Tis the eve before mischievous deed.

We will gather to wallow, in the Wednesday traditions that pagans have followed.

Wisp thru the woods with little to care, for the ghosts of the hollow will have something to share.

The woods that we ride have a story to tell. For in these dark woods resides a gate to hell.

Welcome the demons and kind souls alike for this night we ride and enjoy the night.

Darkness may fall, but our spirits will not, we open the gate for the souls to be sought.

You may need a watch for time will track, and some rooms for small things to put on your back.

To start things off come early and have a seat and make sure to leave with a receipt.

The fun will begin on the old tracks at 6:30 sharp. So get there before and talk to Mark.

The clues will be few, but some in between for it is what we share on Halloween.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Curse of William Penn

So I live near philly. Lived here for the last 10 plus years. I was here from about 82' to 89 as well. We have had our ups and downs as far as sports go. Almost for Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and Eagles(eggles is a jersey thang). For the last 27 years Philly has not crowned a major sports team. Some say it is a curse. For many of you know Philadelphia is an old city. The first capital of this nation. The signing place of the constitution and the final resident place for the Liberty Bell. Although the Liberty Bell has little connection to the city, you can see behind it Independence Hall.

Anyway back to the Curse. So way back when, around the turn of the 20th century, the city built City Hall, which still remains as the world's tallest masonry building. There was a city "rule" that no building would be built higher. So as the modern age came, and skyscrapers were reaching new heights, Philly kept the buildings shorter than the top of City Hall, where a statue of William Penn was erected at a total of 546.975 ft..

So a long story short, in the 1980's the city decided it was time to join the other national metropolises and build some skyscrapers( Liberty One from 1984-1987). Since then Philly has not won any major league sport championship. Unless you count the Jon Bon Jovi's Arena football team the Soul in 2008. Having watched Mr Reids team folly for heart, I believe the Phillies have a lot. So here we go Phillies!

Friday, October 10, 2008

cycling tip #3

Since, not every tip must come at my cost, here is a tip for many action sports. Keep your head up, body low but head up! Keeping your head up, with eyes and ears open, is your first defense against an accidental incident. No i-whatever for me. I just like to soak it all in traffic and all.

One related incident while riding the shoulder about a year or two ago. There was a truck carrying telephone poles. The pole stuck out from the back of the truck about 10-15 feet, at just about head height. The truck was on the shoulder maybe waiting for a crew. The were not any flares of construction signs. The truck was parked on a hill. Here I come grinding a hill with my head down, safely on the shoulder. About three feet before impact with my head and the circle end of a telephone pole, I looked up face to butt end of a pole. I swerved out just before impact, but that could have easily been the dumbest, most embarrassing, and quite possibly very damaging crash in my life. So keep your head up out there, that is unless you are playing golf.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jim Thorpe

Was a legend of his time. Actually an eternal legend. He was quoted as "The Greatess Althete in the World" after winning the Olympic Decathlon and Pentathlon Champion - 1912. He went on to play Pro football and Pro baseball. The man could do it all and I am sure he would have riden the 5 peaks like a champ. Read some more about Jim Thorpe. Slightly overcast morning we broke thru the clouds which is a rare occurence in Pa. Once at the top we climbed a locked firetower feeling the nerves like being a kid.

After a mellow groove we zipped up and headed down. Flying down the loose powerline like trail Jamie bounced a rock off his shin Ouch! We hit the stop to drop the lights and grab some fuel for what would be 7 more hours of trail time. High line up Pisgah.

The On 29r held its own. KTM switched it up to the Shifty niner and the two ewr boys plucking gears, left Big Ben and me the only One Speeders.

Some of the climbs hurt. Like going up the deep run hollow.

But it was followed by plenty of this....

Finally we hit the beer stop and man I was thirsty for some icy cold goodness.

Last lookout to see where we had been for the day.

All downhill from here. Shweeet.
I must add a blogger question, does anyone out there use a different editor to create a posting?

Monday, October 6, 2008

cycling tip #2

In order to be comfortably dressed for riding, you should be slightly cold until 10-15 minutes in. If you are warm to start with on a early fall morning (think 50 degrees or less) you have too much stuff on. Proper wind and rain protection can't be left behind, but it is better to be a little cold at the start than to be burning up with in an hour. Especially when you have to put back on the clothes to ride home. At least I have more than enough wet clothes to wear back.

In the books

Five High Peaks of Jim Thorpe PA 10/5/2008. Bear mt. 7:30 am, Flagstaff 9:30 am, Mt Psigah 10:30am, nesquahoning 12:30pm, Broad Mtn 3:00pm, back to thorpe via blasting fast d-hill 4:20pm. Oh yeah sweet ride.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cyling tip #1

When your sun glasses are perched on your head and you are doing 30mph downhill don't look back to see if you can squeeze onto the main pavement to do a little drafting. Glasses flew off. I hit the brakes and stopped. Only to look back and see the glasses still intact sitting in the road. The very next driver pegged the glasses with the front left tire. Bam gone polycarbon lens bouncing down the street. Man I liked those glasses. Looks like I will be spending the weekly beer money on something beside beer this week. ShEEt. Oh well proceeded to hammer on the road bike. It is amazing how much less drag is on a skinny.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back to the roots

I know pictures are a thousand words, but I will have to get to that. Nice wet d-town ride. Wet roots were out in full force(mixed with wet leaves, and heavy fog reflecting our lights) luckily most of us have an improved skill when it comes to hovering over the trail.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


another day another dollar. hope it is worth the same when I get home.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On with it

When it comes to technology I am always about 2 steps behind. Until I find it is really a useful thing it just never is something I put much attention on. To be honest I could do without almost all of it. But since I work on a computer and read a ton of other peoples stuff, I might as well put some of my own stuff out there. So here it is. Don't expect too much.