Tuesday, February 17, 2009



I have a going on 4 year old Surly 1x1. Today it died. I purchased the frame online for $379.00, about three and some years ago. I used the bike on many many XC rides. It has been a good frame. About six months ago I noticed a small crack along the seatube/bottom bracket weld. I wasn’t sure if the crack was a break or just the paint. I commission the bike to a commuter/drop bar cross and have riden many more miles.
This cold winter morning the crack spread. I heard and felt a problem. I inspected the frame to find a big crack spreading around the down tube. I rode with my weight centered up on the front wheel in to work 2-3 more miles. I feel I got good use out of the bike. I am wondering If you could offer me some type of replacement, possibly on a different model. Let me know if there is anything you can do. Hopefully the left side will hold me on my way home. I am getting picked up before the last hill. I can send a photo of the break.



JenBob said...

if it's relegated to commuter duty only and Surly can't help, we could try welding it.

huber said...

sorry for your loss

JenBob said...

dude. fix your timestamps. It was more like 6am when I left that comment.

Mark said...

I guess I am on pacific time. The crack spread too far to reweld. I hope they can offer a wholesale replacement cost. In which I may get a k-monkey or cross-check.

RB said...

Mark - there are a couple of Karate Monkeys on eBay for about $250, one includes seatpost, headset, and other bits and pieces.