Monday, April 20, 2009


had a very unexpected and quite unusual injury while watching tv. I was watching hockey playoff. I had been practcing my golf swing at the same time. Okay so you see where this is going. I was sitting in my chair holding the 9 iron. The Flyers just went up 3-2 in the second, lot of players fom both teams were coming in hard with their sticks high. Anyway, the call against the flyers, was bad. So bad I swung the club into a plastic laundry basket, it bounced off the basket and deflected into my shin. Having shins of a well, mtb biker, I didn't take much too it, until my son said dad your bleeding. A little surprised I looked down saying ah that is nothing, to the sight of blood gushing down my leg. I quickly when to the kitchen and put a clean dish towel on it, mean while I had left puddles of blood from each step. After cleaning up the blood in the kitchen we guazed and taped the wound. The flat edge of the club must have punctured right in, because when I cleaned it out and moved my foot you could see straight to the bone, my son nearly puked. I went on to help the wife with the carpet, then resumed watching the game. Not sure how I am going to handle riding, I guess gauze, tape and maybe some saran wrap.

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