Friday, August 21, 2009

Buy me some time

Often times I wish I could pause all the external things that go on in life an just enjoy the day. Go for a ride, take a trip. The weekly group ride, is fun, but it is hardly refreshing. My soul likes changing tides and the regularity in life makes me feel like a drone in the society we call normal. I hardly have a desire to fit in with the norm. Don't really care too much about material things. As long as I have freedom and a roof over my head and loving people to share time, I am satisfied. I don't fit in with the dog eat dog clawing to get ahead type. Where does all that take you in the long run. Maybe a nice bit of wealth to share with future generation, if you are lucky. Not to say that I don't like to work. I actually love working. I think working towards putting on an event was more rewarding than any work I have done lately. But work can easily become mundane and the routine of raising children tiring.

With the up and coming school year for my kids, I find myself scrambling for some time. I need to fix our exterior of the house and shed and lots of house hold details, but I want to go climb a mountain or explore some new trails. What is exciting in life is was make a person happy. But also ahcievements thru hard work. I guess keep keeping the head up and looking for new oppurtunity to grow, thru work or play each and every day.

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