Friday, March 19, 2010

Time Out

I wish working wasn't so obligitiory, at least work in the sense of 40hours/per week for a pay check. Other work I find complelling, but maybe that is because my work is not that work. Regardless speding the day in a climate controlled box under flourecent light, is not always so enjoyable. Wouldn't it be nice (I hear a gingle in my head) to be able to just say time out. I will be back in a few, no not minutes, hours. See ya, out of here, lots things to enjoy on this spinning ball. I could use a little enlightenment.

I am still pulling thorn splinters from my arm from clearing some trail and making water flow in other directions, this past weekend. Great night spent out in the ruins, but the 3 hours of SS has my whole body a little sore, wait maybe that is the abuse and lack of sleep. It is a cumulative affect. So I am getting good at complaining, but in reality the small things are the most important and there is truly not that much to not be happy about just stuff to look forward to .

Friday, March 12, 2010

cycling tip

Don't drink beer with the word lite, light or Ultra light in the title. Might as well enjoy the sweet goodness of a real beer .

Friday, March 5, 2010

cyling tip

After 2 feet of snow melt do not ride on the local trails when they are soft. Can you really not wait? There are plenty of roads out there to ride. There may even be some local fields, but public trails require some stewardship of the user's. Use your common sense. It is not that fun to tromp thru peanut butter anyways. If you are smart wait until the overnight lows are below freezing and head out early morning or late night. If you left at 6am this morning you probably could have rode until about 9 on solid snow dirt mix.

cycling tip

Mix it up. Take some time and do some other activities. There are plenty of sports to try and when in good company most will invoke positive energy. Watching the Olympics is a true spectacle. Some of the things those athletes do is amazing. Not quite sure how one gets involved in such things, but never the less impressive.