Monday, February 16, 2009

Lack there of

the motivation to get fit is a losing battle. With the strings of parenthood pulling me in many directions, I would rather drink and relax than dedicate any time towards fitness. Sunday was a trip to Franklin Institute for a Imax fim with the kids and laws. We joined last year in April and with our membership alomst up we have not been there. We did get our moneys worth yesterday, with the Grand Canyon Imax and the Narnia exibit all free tickets. Driving kelly drive, by the art musuem and logan circle makes me appreciate the great city of philadelphia. We came back thru gladwyne and other off streets of the Main lin. What superior stone architecture was about. The qualtiy of buildings, masonary homes, walls, aquaducts ,and other designs will never be match as such ever agian. The lost art pre-industrial design and stone building. Now everything is prefabricated as cheaply and as quickly as possible. Oh the ides of March are marching right along.

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