Friday, January 23, 2009

Lots going on but not much to say

Winter has been here for a while. Not too much snow, but cold enough, to make being inside okay. Long list of January Birthdays, Duaghter turned four. Sister Turned 30, Pop 59, I 33. Went up to my Cousin Cabin on Lake Wallenpaupack. Had a really nice time. Drive up was slightly interesting, turns out there are 2 colonial lanes in Greentown,pa. We got going down a service road and the snowbanks were getting bigger by the mile and the road was getting smaller. Wife was all over me to turn around and call for directions. Note that we drive a ford minvan, but luckily Pop (wife's Dad) puts on snow tires for the winter. That made a world of difference on Sunday Jan 18th.

So we arrived safely, I had pick up a case of Wyerbacher Big beers for myself, one must be drank after that ride. We skied a very small slope called Tanglewood. Best thing was walking all of 20 yards between the slope, lodge and car. I mostly helped my son learn. The biter cold and short runs made lodge visits frequent. Decided to grab some powder on the side, broke thru a layer of ice crust got a ski stuck and slammed a tree with both elbows. Did my best to make it look like it didn't hurt, but it did, another bruise.

Pretty Uneventfull night. Drank about six big beers, we had the wood stove cooking, played some cards and hit the sack. Woke up to an unexpected 6 inches of powder and still snowing. With the ice crust layer it was some front yard powder runs. We ended up boarding down to the lake and went right out on the ice(insert picture). Snowmobile were flying across the endless ice, It looked like fun .

So we watched the playoffs games then hit the road, which turned into a white knuckle ride home. Where the intersect of Rt 33 and Rt 80, trucks were merging, cars were merging, and people were braking. It made for a very precarious situation. I needed to get past the skitish drivers and slower moving trucks. Find the open space and hold 60. It snowed the whole way home. Most of the roads were covered. The next day multiple accidents reports from where we came from. The kids got a free ticket to explicit threatre, I had some issues with some others on the road. Just my way of destressing. All is well that ends well. Got back to the inlaws for some proper relaxing and caught the end of the second game.

Monday went out for a doe, to no avail, I had the flintlock, and only long shots. I had a nice shot, sitting about 15 ft from a nice 7 point buck. I sat still and watched him breathe for 15 minutes. I tried to take a couple of photos with my phone, but no luck. In this Area you can hunt for doe up until Jan 24, but buck season is over. So no killing for me. I just like being out. Covered a lot of ground and was happy to come back in.

Monday's snow had a delay for the University I work for. I wanted to see the new presidents ceremony and coupled with it being my birthday I worked half day from home. Got a nice ride in at F.C. with Rick, only about an hour, but snow made it fun. Had a great Birthday dinner at my moms, drank a couple of liters of my bro newest invention, very good all grain brown. He got a minikeg for Christmas so he no longer has to bottle. Now back to the grind.

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