Saturday, September 12, 2009

ACS 20 tooth

Clunk, clunk, clunk. Complete rebuild. loose ball bearings, lots of them, hope the thing doesn't fall apart tommorrow at the Bear Creek finals. At one point I almost gave up. Then lost a pawl somewhere never to be found, figure I was missing a bearing or two anyways, so took another old one apart, got a pawl and loaded it in. packed all 40 something bearings and sealed er up with some phil wood grease. Let's hope she still doesn't clunk. Or worse. I could probably use a 21, darn gut like it where it is. Hope for some good z's(makes me thing of time trial trio) . Then off to ride some rock, my cumulative downhill times will rival the best.

Friday, September 11, 2009

interest, skills, learning

Learning to learn is hard to teach. Doors left closed and perspectives on different planes. Where do you turn? Push or spin wheels? Change plane, drift to dreamland, interest are temporary, hobbies change, love is forever. Sucess achieved thru desire, or other way around?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One - two

Between the vuelta and the Tour of missouri, there is a lot of cycling to watch. Thanks to the Universal Sports Channel for the live broadcast. Tyler Farrar gets a win in spain and Highroad train is working the ToM. I like watching the last 20 km plus ToM has Paul Sherwin doing the commentation. In other sports Phils Squeaked out a much needed win. Madson closed it out with bases loaded and one out. Grupo Compacto time for some action!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Man, did anyone see that crash, about 5:30 hours into the race, within 3 km left a rider slid out on the wet roads and took out 70-100 riders, It was a massive pile up. I was catching the finish on I turned on about 5 minutes before the crash. Ouch.

cycling tip #13

Dress right, I think I already hit this subject, but proper dress can save you a lot of trouble. Too much and you will be overheating, too little(far worse of a situation) and you will be struggling for warmth. Every ride has a different suitable atire. from the cold brisk road ride that you know the first hill will warm you, to the epic adventure when weather is unpredictable. Know the weather and know where you are going.

I had a chill this morning on the half commute. A wind vest would have been useful. Pro cyclist were known to stuff a piece of newspaper down their shirts when summiting a mountain top. Wind cuts and can be welcomed, but often wished away. So be smart and I guess for point of this post is to be overprepared rather than under.