Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Review

Good weekend! Headed to Bethany beach in lower DE, just above Ocean City, MD. Left the bikes at home in an effort to recover some before racing goes full speed (although full speed will be half speed this year). Anyways, beautiful weather on Friday. In past years we have met in Milton for the Dog Fish Head brewery tour. Man if you never have been, I would say go. Follow the tour from Milton and head the the pub at Rehoboth. The year I was there, the secret tour beer was Raison D'Xtra 16 % monster. Even if it was only 3 oz after a few, i had a buzz. So back to this year. Nice weather, so we went to the beach. I decided it was nice enough to hop in even though it was 60 degrees out and 50 degree water, but the sun was shining.

After the beach a couple for the guys went into town to play some Hoops. I wrestled in high school, but I am a good height and can jump. Our game of 21 turn into an all out 5 on 5 with the delawarian locals. My one cousin nearly brawling, had me being a peace maker. My legs still hurt from running and jumping on hard top.

Onto Friday Happy hour, hor dors, beer, cosmos, what ever you like. Saturday was wind blown and rain all day. didn't stop the kids from wanting to be out, from a morning bike ride on rt 1 with 3 kids and my dads 10 speed, to building sand castle in the heavy wind and rain. All went down well, I won a game of poker that night, drank a few choice brew, some of which, home brews, big dinner, all was well, Sunday is easter and the bunny thing is still fun for the kids so they awoke ready for some sweets and treats. While loading the car for the return trip, I left the doors open and the interiors on. After a nice noon time meal, we were about to hit the road when we found out the battery was done. After some time with jumpers 30 minutes or more, women and dad antagonizing me the hole time, with 3A on the way the car started and we headed home. Home just in time for Master,flyers, Roubaix, phils and a couple of beers. Roubaix is such a cool race. And the flemish really seemed to be out in numbers, Thor Husvof (sp) went down hard and Boonen cranked it home. Too bad flerys lost their chance for home ice, and I learned you don't have to be thin to be a good golfer. Too bad for Perrry and Chambell both played a great tournament. That is the quick and dirty, which I am not correcting. Caught up in a web at work. so, enjoy, wet and wild wednesday, I sure am looking forward to some muddin.

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