Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas list

A new camera would be nice, sometimes I feel like I am losing a little bit of the moment if I am trying to capture it. But I think pictures are worth as much as words. Our family computer is alomost 9 years old. Lots on the list for me, but I usually just accept what is given, in particular I am not very particular and like to just go with the flow. New arm warmer, coffee mug, lots of things on the desired list.. My camping stuff all but failed this past year. tent fly is a sieve, head lamp terminal are bad, bag could be better, list go on and on, but since I am not planning any serious journeys any time soon I make due. Nice pair of bib snow pants, winter cycling pants, riding shoes...I really want to get some better supplies for cooking beer. Another Carboy (more the merrier) , good scotch would be nice. It is all about the time off work and the partying anyways. A gift for the the soul is more than anyone can ask for.

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JenBob said...

nothing like a nice collection of demijohns - though not to be confused with sjohns.