Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There is no order for it to be run, just be careful not to be the last one.
At the start of the prologue we do a loop, cut thru the middle to find a Troop.
Now as you know we go many routes, there is a place where Mark had a bout, do not go in but look where he parked in a small stump you’ll find something to spark.
Keep reading before you make a choice to go find, riding reverse you’ll make better time. Out to the end o Johnsontown you’ll find a wreck, in the front seat you find some cans, drink it what the heck even if it’s bland.
A smart choice it maybe to knock this one out first, a trail under a road that rhythms with help.
Up to the school you can find another, a straight row of pines three trees from the farther.
Head to duez make a quick trip to the end of a steep long down, along the trail look on the ground.
Off to the end of the gravel mill road take the new option, but don’t be too quick, before the edge take a look.
Harmony Hill has a new part too, go to where Ben hid the Pabst Blue, It was in a stump where nobody jumped.
Three more to go then off to the end. Up at the top of the butt puck my friend .
And on the bridge which planks have un-wind smack in the middle you’ll find .
On a trail call clay-mark a new bridge was made, stop and look under for a final parade.
Off to the foundation of 1808 will be the last stop don’t be late.

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