Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tis the eve before mischievous deed.

We will gather to wallow, in the Wednesday traditions that pagans have followed.

Wisp thru the woods with little to care, for the ghosts of the hollow will have something to share.

The woods that we ride have a story to tell. For in these dark woods resides a gate to hell.

Welcome the demons and kind souls alike for this night we ride and enjoy the night.

Darkness may fall, but our spirits will not, we open the gate for the souls to be sought.

You may need a watch for time will track, and some rooms for small things to put on your back.

To start things off come early and have a seat and make sure to leave with a receipt.

The fun will begin on the old tracks at 6:30 sharp. So get there before and talk to Mark.

The clues will be few, but some in between for it is what we share on Halloween.

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