Thursday, November 13, 2008


Is there a target we aim for or are we guided by chance? I volunteered to direct the Mtb race at French Creek this year. I met the park manager at French Creek this morning. For anyone who has never been involved in creating an event, let me tell you the planning is a full time commitment.

One thing that is not encouraging, is hearing about behavior of some participants. Just because you are stressed about a local race, does not entitle you the right to be disrespectful. Hearing about people showing up late, with verbal insults makes me wonder what type of people there are out there. After cleaning up mounds of litter, I do question .

Think about how it is we have a race. It is easy to complain. I will take the criticism constructively, and welcome it as a way to improve. We will do our best to provide a fun, safe, and organized event.

In general I would like to see people look and think a littel more outward towards others and the world we share. I will make sure to try and pratice what I am preaching and hope to put another Stellar year of "On the Rocks at French Creek" for 2009.

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