Friday, October 10, 2008

cycling tip #3

Since, not every tip must come at my cost, here is a tip for many action sports. Keep your head up, body low but head up! Keeping your head up, with eyes and ears open, is your first defense against an accidental incident. No i-whatever for me. I just like to soak it all in traffic and all.

One related incident while riding the shoulder about a year or two ago. There was a truck carrying telephone poles. The pole stuck out from the back of the truck about 10-15 feet, at just about head height. The truck was on the shoulder maybe waiting for a crew. The were not any flares of construction signs. The truck was parked on a hill. Here I come grinding a hill with my head down, safely on the shoulder. About three feet before impact with my head and the circle end of a telephone pole, I looked up face to butt end of a pole. I swerved out just before impact, but that could have easily been the dumbest, most embarrassing, and quite possibly very damaging crash in my life. So keep your head up out there, that is unless you are playing golf.

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