Tuesday, November 4, 2008

D is for decision

Well the time has come the so called"W" is on his way out. Man, how did he get reelected fails me. He started his first term with budget surplus. Now look at where we are Nation deficit. Yeah so the government gave money back, but then spent out the wazoo. After reading more that website it blamed the deficit on a democratic congress. I can't completely disagree, but still close to 30% of the budget is spent on the Military. Here is a Differt View.
At the mean time the national security fail on the biggest attack on American soil. Some say that this was planned. Some sort of political conspiracy to drag our country into war. So went the war. And still there goes the war. One aspect I had hope for is to help balance and control the oil market. Not. Somehow I felt rob as Americans as our dollars pour into the hands of the Big Oil Company. There was not control what so ever. $50 a barrel for crude was a record high. Well within "W" second term the the price nearly triple the $50 market.

My prediction was that oil is the blood line to our economy. From plastics to fuel. If we lose control on the raw commodity inflation will skyrocket. Luckily for me I can slightly separate myself by human powered transportation. So things started getting bad. And only got worse.

Now we wait, is there a quick fix? Can we find a solution or an end to the war in Iraq? When a government spends billions on Health Care, Education, and the "Projects" they called it Socialism. When a government spend that money to help world wide investor, the richest people in the world, they call it a bailout. To me Bailout equal government assistants which equals socialism. It is just a different cohort of people.

On taxes, I don't want to be taxed or pay tax, but we all do, in many various ways. From sales, to property, to gas, guns and alcohol. The thing is the government just can't produce money and give it away. The bottom will eventually fall out. So make your decision on D-day. And keep you head up regardless of who wins. Our founding fathers made decision that will keep this country strong. Don;t just complain about what is wrong. Try and be someone that promotes a better way.

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