Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jim Thorpe

Was a legend of his time. Actually an eternal legend. He was quoted as "The Greatess Althete in the World" after winning the Olympic Decathlon and Pentathlon Champion - 1912. He went on to play Pro football and Pro baseball. The man could do it all and I am sure he would have riden the 5 peaks like a champ. Read some more about Jim Thorpe. Slightly overcast morning we broke thru the clouds which is a rare occurence in Pa. Once at the top we climbed a locked firetower feeling the nerves like being a kid.

After a mellow groove we zipped up and headed down. Flying down the loose powerline like trail Jamie bounced a rock off his shin Ouch! We hit the stop to drop the lights and grab some fuel for what would be 7 more hours of trail time. High line up Pisgah.

The On 29r held its own. KTM switched it up to the Shifty niner and the two ewr boys plucking gears, left Big Ben and me the only One Speeders.

Some of the climbs hurt. Like going up the deep run hollow.

But it was followed by plenty of this....

Finally we hit the beer stop and man I was thirsty for some icy cold goodness.

Last lookout to see where we had been for the day.

All downhill from here. Shweeet.
I must add a blogger question, does anyone out there use a different editor to create a posting?

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