Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ugg - (silly shoes better suited for eskimos)

Wiping out sucks, but at least when it is cold the pain goes away when the cold sets in. In true bizzaro world fashion, Ben on gears and Rick on SS, we had most of the crew last night, maybe because the temp was hovering around 3o instead of teens, regardless it was super fun fast and all of that. Rocked the Lander express twice, second time was a charm as I slipped into the front. Hit the trail fast, had to hop and stick to slow down as the little trace of snow had a hovering affect. The trail is really more like a ride. Hit the new IMBA certified section, wide fast and smooth. I'll give them this, they do know how to make fast trails, my complaint is that the trail loses some character. Off to other side, Mike lost his light on a bad section and clipped his banana, the wait was what I needed to get the steam back in the engine. I blow steam hard, but the little engine can't on the long ones. Thru the river that needs diversion up to the school. This is where it got bad. Following a wheel, on the fastest part of the down. I usually push off the turn hard to build speed into the last stretch. Well I wasn't watching the ground close enough. Not sure if it was something the sent me off or just lost the edge of the trail, but it went something like this: 25 mph,Wash, Superman, Pete Rose, Owt. Terra firma was not forgiving. luckily I had on a couple of layers or I would be missing a couple layers of skin, but the hip bruise is hurting pretty awefully. I'm limping into the office like Randy the Ram. Ouch.

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