Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Phone pics

Here is a hollow sycamore tree. I went on a bike ride during the big snow storm we got in December. Sat in this tree for a little. It is right along the Brandywine. These giant sycamore trees don't mind having their feet wet. Although hollow at the bottom this tree is prefectly a live. It was snowing hard, I was wearing googles. The streets were cover with about 3 inches and the trails about the same. Needless to say it was lots of fun and made the beer drinking upon return even better.

A few Days after Christmas I took my flintlock out for a walk at Marsh Creek. The picture below is the far northwesterly corner of the park. Most of Marsh Creek is a man made lake. This is the actual stream that flows into the lake. It was very windy and cold, I walked between the PA turn pike and this creek. I was suprized at the flow the stream carried. The terrian is very very rocky, big round rocks. Across the stream there are steep knobs with more jagged rocks. Potentially an sweet technical rockier than FC red/white, type terrian, for a trail. As I slowly walked upstream, I saw three deer parallelling me on the other side of the stream up the hill, about 150 yards away. No way of making that shot with a Flintlock. The lead deer was a large buck. I could see the white of his horns pretruding straight forward from his head. We paralleled each other for a while and they eventually went up the hill to the top. I later spotted a bunch of doe up the same way. Unfortunately, the land was post as a nature preserve across the stream. I could have easily cross, but I stayed low and never took a shot. When I left I look towards the preserve and saw about 20-30 deer spread out in the field.

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