Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turning the page...

Onto another year, can't say much has changed, and that is just fine with me. I was pretty beat up from snowboarding on Saturday and draggin out a deer alone on Monday, almost felt sick on Tuesday, but rested well and really enjoyed riding last night, Wait service sucked, the problem is that the staff turns over so quickly, and most the staff is under 18, most these kids have no hustle in their bustle, no sense of work ethnic, as Larry the cable guy would say "Get er done", move, snap to, use some intuition, quicker in quicker out. I have to say the brewers and quality control have been great. If you have not been, go sit at the bar at Victory, sit near the front taps to admire the entire selection. The Tap selection is unrivaled, three traditional pils, numerous ales(including 4 cask and barleywine), great lagers including a rausch beer and doppelbock, so many options and a small braumeister pils (14oz) is only 3.75. Well worth it.

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