Friday, July 23, 2010


No helmet either one nothing to be proud of. Yesterday sweeping left side of
big pickup as we got the green he makes his left, I am on in a blind spot on his right stampin on the pedals and he turns a quick right into the gas station. I couldn't tell if he
signaled or not from where I was. stuck, neck and shoulders out and brunted
it off his door and mirror. We both stop. Nice guy. I wasn't hurt, I was more concern that my wheel in tack, was just leaving WC. Dude was worried he killed me. I said no my fault, shouldn't been assuming you were going straigt. shooks hands and parted ways. Glad he didn't care
Hope I didn't dent the door too bad.

This morning wizzing traffic on 322. I am on the shoulder start heading up hill
after the power station going to WC. Out of the saddle head focued about15 feet
out, going about 20 look up and a fucking metal work road sign right in front of me (
I saw it yesterday late too but no cars were coming) no where to go. cars in
sucession and no way around the sign. Barreled right into it. took it down and
myself too. Twisted the ankle and brushed the elbow on something. Cars
must of had a good laugh. I hit the fucking thing like a bowling pin. Picked up
the bike and the fucking shifter is fucking skipping. God dam.

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