Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The North.

I like it. Not sure so many tour de france riders would agree. Where else can you see a peloton shattered, on flat roads. Thor's bitterness came thru, he didn't work one pull that I saw. Cancellara, drove the lead almost the entire way, with Evans putting in some work too. Not sure how Andy got thru with the big boys but nice ride for him. Too bad his brother really took a hard fall, and looks to be out. That will really hurt the team's overall contention. It is a little problematic to see two contenders out within two days. I doubt we will see these roads in a tour for a long time. But man it was good to watch today.

Yesterday's coverage was spotty, Never really had good footage, but the road must have been like black ice. Verses manages to cram in more commercial footage than race coverage. Yeah, American mainstream is awful, but what the heck can we do but hope for intelligent companies to make changes.

Not sure how Lance got dropped on sector 5. He did manage a very strong pull on sector 7. Those cobbles are definitely not for the skinny climbers. Boxed rims and 28 were in order. Fabian is the man. My long shot hope for GC was Vande Velde, Now I guess I can hope for Evan's or Andy and still would be exciting to see Lance make a miracle. Alberto did ride well especially on the cobbles, why does Vino drop his man. So much for his early Statement. Maybe he didn't see his man dropped, but there were only 5 guys in that group.

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