Friday, July 23, 2010

Cycling Tip

Get pissed for the right reasons. Cyclist get pissed. Make sure it is the right reason. For example. You just rode the Tourmalet, along with 100 miles and three other climbs and the Presidents is blocking your way to get want you need. Right to get pissed. Yes.

We push ourselves hard, there is not time to waste, for things that unnecessarily slow you.

Another example I wrecked with a car. I knew it was my fault, not smart riding. No right to get pissed, be sorry and glad you are alright. No right to get pissed.

I think the natural hormones give you some edge. The Unnaturally derived ones throw people over the top, don't do that. Staying cool is very important. And steriods are def not cool, unless you are dying some sick disease.

Don't expect patience with someone whose body is depleted. And Unecessary anger beware. Why are drivers mad and why do they go fast only to slow down. must just like burn gas. Cool, maybe if you have a straight away and miles of freedom but during local rush hour, very un.

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