Monday, May 31, 2010

Lacrosse, Tennis, waiting for the Cup finals

I am watching the NCAA Lacrosse finals. Duke vs Notre Dame. I can't even hope for one team over the other because I dislike both. Interesting that Duke seniors are the one's in a scandal in 2006. For some reason it doesn't seem that long ago. But the Irish. I can't root for the Irish. Oh well Duke just won. Have to say that Lacrosse is a pretty cool game. So two hours to kill until the Flyers. Rode home from Galena,MD this morning 10:25 to 3 something. Four hours in the heat had me cooked, so bad I took a stop 5 miles from the house to cool off in a fresh flowing steam. Had a packed cobber, so sitting in the water watching the natural fish run was what I needed. Still hopped on the bike and had no go. Slow motion is okay sometimes as long as it is motion you are headed in the right direction. The heat kicked my ass. PA riding was much better the the Cecil/Kent farm land, although pushed to much early tempo probably hurt me in the end. Nearly a delusional state, but made it by. cycling tip heat is a big factor when it comes to human powered travel.

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