Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Giro is massive

Yesterdays stage broke down cyclist like the projects. God the Giro is a massive event and today the snow cover peaks of Gavia, with 20,000 feet of climbing. Arroyo Did an amazing ride, blowing past the likes of Cadel and Sastre, making up 2 minutes on a downhill. would have been sweet to see him hold the jersey. I am not sure what these guys do to recover from that to ride 20,000 feet uphill today. Imagine the calories you need for that stage. Seriously it would take and Local pro Mtb or roadie for that matter, hours beyond the cut. Good thing they don't show the sag wagon because I am sure there is a lot of car hold bottle passing and other sheet going down. Drug, shit I could imagine trying this type of tour with out. All in good faith I guess, but how do you bring yourself to ride a stage like this after the week they have been thru. TT tomorrow and it is all over. Sometime I wish the verdict didn't always become so obivious in the mountains. But Basso is looking good and has the Italiana climbing team to go with it. The next question can he climb with the condor. no edit check done. thank you, good buy, have family duty.

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