Friday, May 21, 2010

I see a wolf up in those hills

Is it really crying wolf if you do see one? Or if it is far enough away should you leave it be? That wolf may never come by again. Landis and Lemond now can join hands and sing together. I think moving forward is much better than looking back. I think anyone watching the sport would see that times changed (and that goes for the america's pasttime too). But why slander now. You lost your credibility by admitting you lie. What I would like to know is what happened the tour you won? Did you stick a patched of testoserone on yo nutz, finally ride with some aggressiveness, win a stage knowing you would fail? That is the big question, are you that dumb? Did something else goe wrong(you get one shot with honesty)? Didn't the whole tattle tail thing fall flat. You know when congress decided we could entrap a person into false testimony? Where did it go? At least Lance didn't get caught. Maybe congress should try and entrap or slander further. Is it some big conspiricy, with power and politics and money?? Your guess is as good as mind, the closed doors may always remain. You had a chance at honesty. Let's cry some wolf together.

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