Monday, February 27, 2012

Family Trip

Headed out for a family trip kinda last minutely planned, we had a great time.

Staying at Hampton Inn Montage(Sno) mountain. Great view of the mountain and nice accommodations. Headed up Friday after work, our 11th anniversary, too bad we only got one room. Saturday we hiked/walked at Nay Aug park in Scranton.
The park in right in the city, at at a glimpse looks like a little trashy park, but there is a really cool gorge. My phone pics don't really give a good sense of the depth. After exploring the waterfall we headed to the Museum. which was next to a demonstration mine but no longer open
The Museum housed some cool fossils(some found locally) and an impressive ornithology collection:
And some artwork upstairs but photos were not allowed.
We skied Saturday night. The wind at the top of the mountains were about 20-30 mph sustained. So we only did a few runs. Clay and I decided to try and go below where it would be less windy, but the trail got much more vertical. He ended up walking down a short section, as I carried his skis. The next day the weather was blue bird perfect and the wind had died down. Surprizingly the mountain was just as empty as the night before. No lines is alway nice. Snow was still hard and fast. We skiied until 1pm as the conditions softened and the crowds grew. All in all a good time.

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