Friday, September 30, 2011

cycling tip

I got hit! you have to react fast. going up is better than down. propped a straight arm off a hood on my way home as I was gettn hit Tbone. I screeamed as I lifted up and was trajected away, lots of people saw. I was coming along cars on the right, she was turning left from the opposite direction, she came in between two cars that did not leave an opening for the left turn. Neither of us ever saw each other. We hit at a pretty slow speed but I went up and down on the front of her hood. She had a pretty low car. My second split second thought was to save the bike, so I lifted up in a sidewards motion, like you might off a jump. the wheels are old, not worth much, but without m I would be walking up a long road an having a big hole to have to fill by buying more. Neither did I want to wait on a curb in lycra. Hit the pavement about five feet in front of her, she stopped and was scared and asked if I was okay, I was already up and checking the bike's status. I did not think I had hurt much. I rode on and lots of people kindly asked if I was alright. Headn home erkd by any driver that revvd past. Pain started setting in when I was couple miles away. Did not even realize until today that the left wrist was sprained, I knew coming home the tip of my ring finger was displaced. The skid on the hip and ankle were pretty lite, but road rash stings. Champion system bids showed no tear which was good, would have sucked to have the left end open. Lady at the light said it was my lucky day, I told her it was my unlucky day

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