Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This bothers me

After hearing about deep cuts in PA state budgets...resulting in public schools taking big hits...resulting in teacher layoffs...resulting in poorer education...resulting in lower test...resulting in less federal dollars...resulting in poorer future, we are letting International Energy Quadbillion dollar companies come in and extract natural gas tax free. This is bad at many levels. What are the cost to analyze the damages to our water ways aquifers. What about the stretches of natural beauty, now dotted with excavators . I am sure there are many more detailed articles on the topic, and also much more opinionated blog posts, but I see taxation as a source of revenue the state could use. I did not even mention what the "policy makers get paid" I can say with great confindents that their jobs are cake compared to that of a teacher worker in the "lesser" districts of this great state, getting paid a fraction of what supervisors make. Wrong at many level. So if we are allowing this super conglomaerates to take our resources and mark up the price to sell it back at an astronomical rate I would say stop them but at least tax them Natural Gas

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