Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brew Review - Victory's CBC

Got cooked on the local ride, but wanted to watch the orange line anyways (Note I crunch these post in short time frame 5-10minutes). So I read the article about the this years Victory's CBC. I have had previous years CBC beers and they always impress. This years are superb quality. Every one an A+ beer. Considering the long day and hard ride I went straight for the Sapphir Triple. Boy did it hit the spot. Much smoother and more refreshing than the Monkey, very well balance and it comes in a big glass. Much less yeast flavor than the Helios. Next I sampled the Pale ales, aroma was pretty sublte but I did just drink a big triple, Taste was perfect. All four amazing beer, One thing that stood out for me is that the yeast strain seemed to leave no lingering blegian flavors, just a clear, clean smooth beer(can't do a better mash), where the hop flavor shined threw. I think I like the Hersbrucker the best, maybe becasue it stood out a little more than the other. The one called Bravarian IPA was brewed with Hefeweizen yeast, but came out clear as a whistle balanced and tasty. The beers are a series that fit together perfectly, I have yet to see an example of such a perfect set of beers. This is the perfect platform for examplifying the great German hop region. Wow two thumbs up! Cheers!

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